Martin Bricelj and CodeEP: RoboVox

Martin Bricelj
RoboVox – Your voice

Main square in Maribor has been visited by a special guest with the name of RoboVox. His visit lasted from the 25th of October until the 2nd of November 2007.

RoboVox is an interactive sound installation by the author Martin Bricelj who was receiving your SMS on the number 040809908 and speaking them out loud.

Thursday, 25th of October, from 5pm until the 10pm, music from 8pm on
Music: DJ Borka (Codeep)
Visuals: VJ Ozo (CodeEp)

Daily topics:
Thursday, 25. 10.: My opinion about Maribor as the ECC 2012 candidate
Friday, 26. 10.:  Do I live in an environment friendly way? How and why?
Saturday, 27. 10.:  What possibilities do I miss in my town?
Sunday, 28. 10.:  Leisure time: What do I do with it? What would I do if I had more of it?
Monday, 29. 10.: WHat would I do if I had the power to change something-in my life, at my job, school, town, state?
Tuesday, 30. 10.: Media- are they really free, guard dogs or prostitues?
Wednesday, 31. 10.:  What are the values of our time and what are your intimate values?
Thursday, 1. 11.: What did I always wanted to say to the ones who are no longer with me?

Send a SMS with your opinion on the topic of the day to Robovox using the number 040809908.

The main execution partners of the RoboVox project are KD Codeep and London Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA).

Project has been supported by: ECF, Municipality of Ljubljana, Embassy of the Kingdom of  the Netherlands, Adria Airways d.d. and others. Thank you.

Idea and concept: Martin Bricelj
Producers: Martin Bricelj and Uroš Veber
Website and multimedia: Slavko Glamočanin
Construction: Dejan Filipovič & Jaka Verbič Miklič
3D design: Robert Doljak & Dejan Filipovič
3D model: Uroš Černe
Program equipment: Razum d.o.o., Slavko Glamočanin

Thank you: Tomo Glažar, Vivienne Gaskin, Jurij Krpan, Sandra Sajovic, Blaž Peršin, Andrej Mužević, Špela Verbič Miklič, Tomo Štular, Peter Kalan, Ozren Škondrič, Peter Košir, Mika Cimolini, Borja Jelič, Marko Peljhan and to you!

RoboVox is part of gRig project - Guild for Reality integrators and generators, supported by the EU Culture Programme.



RoboVox, video

Photo gallery; Glavni trg, Maribor, 25.10.2007


Martin Bricelj

Dj Borka in Vj Ozo (CodeEP)



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