Festival ljubezni

Festival ljubezni
14.–22. april, 2012
Pavlova hiša – gledališče werkraumteater Gradec – Negovski grad


Negova castle (20. 4. 2012)
Negova castle (21. 4. 2012)
Negova castle (22. 4. 2012)
Pavel house (14. 4. 2012)

Werkraumtheater Graz (18. 4. 2012)

Festival ljubezni was conceived as a travelling event that occupies on one spring weekend of every year one of the castles of north-eastern Slovenia, and breaths contents into it. It has stopped in Svečina and Ptuj, but in Negova, as even tramps occasionally do, it surrendered to the temptations of its cosiness two years ago.
In April, everybody who enjoys literary, music, visual and other creative surpluses and their most pleasant associations is invited to join us. The blend of this year’s weekend events presents top Slovenian literates and artists of all kinds. The literates will take the lead, presenting themselves in readings, poetry and prose duets, literary breakfasts and in-between occasions. Another constant of the festival is poetry-in-music, as well as an exhibition connected to one of the literary events.
Special attention is being paid to a parallel children’s program, with the aim of developing and encouraging the reading culture with the youngest, since they too deserve their share of literature, in the form of fairytale reading, puppet shows or creative workshops.
At the same time we wish to remind you of the cross-border love that the festival nurtures with Pavel’s house, where a special introductory program is presented on April 14th, while on the 18th you are invited for a literary trip to the nearby Graz.


Festival ljubezni programe in German...

Free entry.

Cooproduction: Maribor 2012 ECOC
Festival partners:
Kultprotur, Gornja Radgona culture, tourism and promotion institute
Pavelhaus – Article VII cultural association for Steiermark / Artikel-VII-Kulturverein für Steiermark

Festival ljubezni Program

Pavel house, Potrna, Austria
Saturday, April 14, 2012

18.00 Aleš Šteger, Talking with writer
19.00 Ansambel Ankaran (Ankaran ensemble), Poetry-in-music

Location of Pavel house, Laafeld – Potrna ...

Werkraumtheater Graz, Austria
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

19.00 Željko Perovič, Katarina Juvančič and Dejan Lapanja: andere SEITEN & SAITEN / Drugačne strani & strune / Different sides & strings

Festival program in Pavel house and werkraumtheater Graz ...

Festival program on Negova castle
Friday, April 20, 2012

19:00 Festival opening
19:30 Miljana Cunta and Severa Gjurin: Za pol neba, Poetry and music
21:00 Simona Kopinšek and Feri Lainšček: Ne bodi kot drugi (Don't be like others), Poetry-musical performance

Program Friday ...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

12:00 Feri Lainšček, Literary brunch
14:00 Maruša Krese, Talking with writer
15:30 Katja Perat and Milan Dekleva, Poetry duet
17:00 Urška Sterle and Miha Mazzini, Prose duet
19:00 Klarisa Jovanović and Della Segodba, Poetry-in-music
21:00 Same babe, Poetry-in-music

Children programme
12:00 Gledališče Bičikleta: Lutke za prstke (Bičikleta Theater: Puppets for fingers), Children workshop
14:00 Fairy tale reading with Alenka Cilenšek
15:00 Yoga Mavrica
17:00 Lutkovno gledališče Velenje: Frdamana pravljica (Velenje Puppet theatre: The darn fairy tale), Puppet show

Program Saturday ...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

12:00 Tone Partljič, Literary brunch
13:30 Local young authors, Poetry readings
15:00 Erika Vouk and Dragan Potočnik, Poetry reading

Children programme
12:00 Simona Kopinšek and Aleš Pogorevčnik: Ljubezenske čarovnije (Love magic), Children workshop
14:00 Igor Somrak: Kdo je ukradel vrata? (Who stole the door?), Puppet show

Program Sunday...

Za:misel mobile bookstore
A constancy at the festival of love is the Za:misel mobile bookstore, where visitors are offered a wide selection of books by the presented literary creators, and naturally also other works related to the festival, as well as fairy tales and picture books for the festival's youngest guests.  

Book-o-theque – Book exchange
During the festival, Za:misel mobile bookstore encourages you to take any of your belletrism books that you no longer need, in exchange for another. The literary festival is right on cue for you to freshen up your book shelves and free the books that have been stuck there for too long.

Portrait for a charity Euro: Ciril Horjak – dr. Horowitz

Throughout the Sunday program, you will have the chance to have your portrait drawn by one of the top Slovenian illustrators, and make the day for the protegees of the Women's Counselling Crisis Center. With the help of your donations, they will be able to afford some of the things that most people consider an everyday indulgence, while to them it is virtually an out-of-reach treat.




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