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ViMM Final Meeting in ViennaViMM Meeting in Paris (15. 3. 2019)
ViMM Final Meeting in Vienna (14–15 February 2019)

ViMM EVA London Conference (9.–12. 7. 2018)
EUROMED 2018 – 3rd CALL FOR PAPERS (15. 6. 2018)
VIMM: Virtual Multimodal Museum, Berlin (12–13. 4. 2018)
Virtual Storytelling in Cultural Heritage Conference, Maribor (27. 11. 2017)
HERITAGE, Tourism and Hospitality, Finska (27–29 September 2017)


Technologies and Tools Outcome of Work

Thematic Area 2: Directions Working Group 2.2:
Meaningful Content Connected To The Real World

Thematic Area 2: Directions Working Group 2.3:
Future in Mind

Virtual Multimodal Museum (ViMM)

An Action for Virtual Museums /
Virtual Multimodal Museum (ViMM) is a high-visibility and participative Coordination and Support Action (CSA), funded under the EU Horizon 2020 programme (CULT-COOP-8-2016).

ViMM brings together Europe and the world’s leading public and private sector organisations working on Virtual Museums and in the wider sector of Digital Cultural Heritage, to support high quality policy development, decision making and the use of technical advances. The partner consortium (see below) is supported by an expert Advisory Group in building the ViMM Framework, involving decision-makers and expert practitioners in defining and resolving issues spread across 7 interlinked Thematic Areas (‘the 7 Ds’): Definitions - Directions - Documentation - Dimensions -Demand - Discovery - Decisions

Major results will include:


  1. A highly interactive and wide-reaching ViMM communication Platform which:


o      enables focused contributions and Working Group discussion by everyone interested
o      provides access to innovations, cases of excellence and decision-support


  1. Key events at policy and practitioner/ stakeholder levels and extensive use of social media


o      A clearer, evidence-based view of the impact of Virtual Museums and Digital Cultural Heritage on society and the economy
  A Manifesto and Roadmap for Action to be validated at the final ViMM international conference in 2019.
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List of consortium partners:



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Join us as a member of the ViMM community: As a member of the ViMM   community of experts and stakeholders, you can contribute to this Platform by:


  • Registering  on the site, through a simple procedure which enables you to login.
  • Posting  news, events, examples of best practice, innovation and uses of technology to   the   Platform.
  • Joining  or  contributing to the discussion  in one or more of ViMM's 21  Working Groups
    You can also follow us and contribute via  social media.   
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Vi-MM webpage:



KiBela, space for art



Informal education

Accompanying art program


KiBar: cybernetic bar

Za:misel bookstore






Festival of Love 2008-2012

Days of Curiosity


Projects, Coproduction and International Cooperation

Current Projects
  - RUK
  - Digital Heritage Incubator (DDI)
  - Virtual Multimodal Museum (VIMM)
  - Ruritage
  - Caravan NEXT
  - Mreža multimedijskih centrov
  - X-OP


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