27.02.2016 20:00
Matjaž Krivic: Welcome the Future
exhibition: 30. 12. 2015 - 27. 2. 2016   Retrospective exhibition of photographs and multivisions by Matjaž Krivic in a cross section of fifteen years of his work: Kaliyuga –... [more]
13.02.2016 01:00
MED 2016 - Reaky
Reaky: Live Act and marathon DJ set - 01:00 - 06:00

A Maribor-born producer and DJ, active since 1999, with a track record including  gigs on 4...
12.02.2016 23:59
MED 2016 - Lucrecia Dalt
Lucrecia Dalt, Berlin, DE – Pereira, Colombia - 00:00

Dalt’s music has the heft of a bass guitar.
The music from Lucrecia Dalt’s first phase, starting late...
12.02.2016 23:00
MED 2016 - Electric Boogie
Electric Boogie - 23:00

Electric Boogie is the stage name of local Maribor-based multitalented musician and multimedia enthusiast – Beno Soršak. In 2007...

29.02.2016 14:00
razstava: 18. 12. 2015 - 29. 2. 2016   ARTKIT razstava izdelkov čipkarstva, polstenja, pletenja, lesarstva, 3D oblikovanja, slikanih objektov, slik in fotografij v navezavi z... [more]
13.02.2016 20:00
Mitja Ficko and Marko Jakše: POJOČA RIBA IJEKARU
exhibition: 4. 12. 2015 - 13. 2. 2016     You are kindly welcome to attend the exhibition opening Pojoča riba ijekaru by Mitja Ficko and Marko Jakše, on Friday, 4 December 2015,... [more]
15.01.2016 20:00
APHRA TESLA Operating System Incorporated: Home in the Zone

Aphra Tesla:
all vocals

Marko Črnčec: piano

Nino Mureškič: percussion

Home and the Zone released in 2013, the debut and so...
29.12.2015 21:00
Cycle of microtonal music (DA(NE)S: Samo Pečar and Beno Soršak with guest
Association for Contemporary Arts X-OP is inviting to the MMC KIBLA, Ulica Kneza Koclja 9, Maribor, on the second evening of microtonal music, which is hosted by excellent bass... [more]

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