Days of Curiosity – How to become?


Days of Curiosity – How to become? is an informative and educational festival, which has been organized by ACE KIBLA for the last fifteen years, between 1997 and 2011, when it became connected, program-wise and temporally, with the educational part of KIBLIX, an international festival of open-source coding for artistic purposes.

What kind of contents should the festival present, what kind of vision should it embody, whose knowledge, experience and stories should it showcase, how to break the stereotype of traditional employment system and the myth of a single profession that lasts a lifetime – these were the issues and challenges related to the annual festival events. Each year a new generation of curious youngsters encounters the same question, "How to become?” We were always trying to find different answers and relevant interlocutors to that question; in previous years the festival guests were representatives of various professional profiles and there were many presentations of interesting guests. The 'travelling' festival in the major Slovenian cities attracted many scholars and students with a variety of professions and personalities, from athletes to "celebrities" in particular areas, which usually do not make the headlines.

The open-code festival connecting art, technology and science has been evolving in KIBLA for ten years. KIBLIX addresses two different aspects: the impact of science and technology on the social life of the individual, and an in-depth research into the secrets of science, which holds the key to our future. Both aspects are trying to come up with solutions to bridge over the powerlessness of the individual in contemporary society.

By becoming concurrent, Days of Curiosity and KIBLIX festival also acquired a shared conceptual design. The educational part of Kiblix festival invited primary school to university level classes to join progressive interactions on site for   the exchange of ideas, experimentation, implementation, creation, deconstruction, sharing, and DIY-art-making not limited to only the realms of art & science and art & technology.




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