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KIBLA is a national and international non-governmental institution in the segmented field of creative industries, interdisciplinary, intermedia and multimedia art, visual arts, AV, music, culture and informal education. It is an institution that presents, organizes, produces, co-produces, documents and archives cultural-artistic projects, as well as electronic and printed publications in the TOX series (since 1995) and FOLIO magazine (since 2009).

The Multimedia Center MMC KIBLA was founded on July 4 1996, and has been operating since 1998 as the Association for culture and education ACE KIBLA on Kneza Koclja Street 9 in Maribor, Slovenia (the Narodni dom building). In the 20 years of existence, the institution, with its three locations, developed into a pivotal happening point of the city, the region, the country, and wider, as a place of contemporary arts and culture, informal education, creative use of the emerging ICT and interdisciplinary practices. In 2002, the Information and Communication Point KIT was established (since 2014 with a changed purpose as ARTKIT), located on Glavni Trg Square 14 in the historical Town Hall, and in 2012, KIBLA PORTAL was launched as an exhibition venue at the old industrial hall on Valvasorjeva Street 40, measuring over 2.000m².     

At the MMC KIBLA, ARTKIT and KIBLA PORTAL you can check out exhibitions, musical, AV and other forms of artistic performances, attend literary evenings, discussions, contemporary art, music and literary festivals and their interdisciplinary variants, or get in touch with the current issues and problematic in the fields of culture, humanism, modern technologies and informal educational activities.

MMC KIBLA until 2004 and after:

MMC KIBLA today:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Part of the space of the MMC KIBLA is occupied by KiBela, space for art and the KIBAR cyber café with a free broadband wireless connection. The administrative, production and publishing spaces are located in the back, alongside the DTP graphic design studio, offices and storage spaces. The online bookstore Zamisel ( is fully operational. The website features a newsletter and a well-organized web-archive.

In KiBela, space for art, hundreds of exhibitions, performances, presentations and other artistic events have taken place since 1999, in both traditional, as well as advanced technological set-ups. More:

Space for art KiBela:

Since 2012, when Maribor was the European Capital of Culture together with partner cities, the program of visual and intermedia arts has been extended to the premises of KIBLA PORTAL, which now serves as a multi-purpose venue. More:


ARTKIT is part of the idea of revitalizing the old city center, where artists, designers and artisans can put their creativity to use by developing traditional handicraft skills, enhanced by means of information-communication technologies. At the same time they look for potential collaborations with companies, which could realize such ideas in the form of small-scale designer production line series.


The ACE KIBLA team is made up of skilled and competent individuals sharing the maxim of team work, collaboration and bringing together arts, culture, technology, economy, science, the humanities, and education. KIBLA interconnects on various levels, mostly as a coordinator and partner in European projects (Hallerstein, X-OP, Soft Control, Caravan, eCultSkills, mGames, Vetlicat, etc.). 

In 2008 KIBLA was awarded with the European Seal of E-Excellence in multimedia, awarded by awarded by the European Multimedia Forum (EMF). Since 2004, KIBLA is a member of the Multimedia Centers Network of Slovenia (M3C), in which 16 multimedia centers present, distribute and promote the visual arts/intermedia scene and local artistic productions in Slovenia. 

KIBLA's festivals have achieved wide recognition: the open source festival KIBLIX, which connects art, technology and science, was conceived as a festival of open source information technologies in 2002. In connection to the festival of computer arts MFRU, it continues the tradition of creating a center point of activities, which have contributed to the recognizability of interdisciplinary approaches in art in Slovenia, as well as in the wider European space. 

In the field of music, Kibla’s activities include the organization of MED – Maribor Electronic Destination festival of contemporary electronic music since 2008, and the microtonal music cycle (DA)(NE)S since 2007. For five consecutive years Kibla also organized a literary festival with musical interpretations of poetry, performances by musicians, discussions with writers, and intermedia presentations: the Festival of Love, which travelled around the castles of Svečina, Ptuj and Negova. Kibla has a fifteen-year-long history of the mobile festival Days of Curiosity – How to Become, which presented career options and study possibilities in Slovenia to schoolchildren of all ages.

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