KIBLIX is an open code festival connecting art, technology and science. KIBLIX addresses two different aspects: the impact of science and technology on the social life of the individual, and an in-depth research into the secrets of science, which holds the key to our future. Both are trying to come up with the solutions to bridge the powerlessness of the individual in contemporary society.

KIBLIX addresses a wide set of target audiences: elementary school, high school and university students, people from the fields of research, culture, and art, computer science and IT experts and fans, pensioners and active citizens.

The International festival of computer arts (IFCA) was formed in Maribor in 1995. Together with KIBLA that started out in 1996, they were and still are centers for activities that have contributed to the recognizability of interdisciplinary approaches over the past two decades. The choice of artists shows where the European and global centers of power for interdisciplinarity and connectivity truly lie, but also that the Slovenian science-art production is catching up to the European. According to the statistics, Slovenia, considering the number of population, is on top of the European scale in the field of interdisciplinarity. There is a stand developing in the wider Slovenian space, mostly on behalf of university professors, researchers, students – i.e. the educational structures, scientists and and IT experts in connection to those artistic segments that are interested in the issues of understanding the present and development of the future.



KIBLIX 2020—2021

KIBLIX 2016 MIG 21
KIBLIX 2015 MFRU: Lift me up
KIBLIX 2014 Parallels
KIBLIX 2013 MFRU: When Worlds Collide
KIBLIX 2012 Robots & Avatars / Soft Control
KIBLIX 2012 Robots & Avatars
KIBLIX 2012 Soft Control
KIBLIX 2011 MFRU: Share is in the Air
KIBLIX 2010 MFRU: Waste – Technology Minus
KIBLIX 2009 Open code for artistic purposes & MFRU Random Access Memory
KIBLIX 2008 Open code for artistic purposes
KIBLIX 2007 IT Linux Festival
KIBLIX 2006 IT Linux Festival / Linux Install Fest – LIFe
KIBLIX 2005 IT Linux Festival / Linux Install Fest – LIFe
KIBLIX 2004 IT Linux Festival / Linux Install Fest – LIFe
KIBLIX 2003 IT Linux Festival
KIBLIX 2002 IT Linux Festival



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KiBar: cybernetic bar

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Festival of Love 2008-2012

Days of Curiosity


Projects, Coproduction and International Cooperation

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