TALKING HUMANITIES – Andrej Medved: Pictura poesis

Thursday 3 March at 7 pm - TALKING HUMANITIES – Andrej Medved: Pictura poesis

The discussion with Andrej Medved on Slovenian activity in fine arts from World War II until today. The discussion was hosted by Aleksandra Kostič.

In his book Pictura poesis, gallerist, theoretician and poet Andrej Medved provides an overview of Slovenian post-war painting. This is an attempt at a broad conceptualisation of top visual poetics, as well as their broad contextualisation, which is limited neither to the Slovenian context nor to the medium of visual representation. Rather, it reaches to fields of philosophy, literature and other art genres. Particular attention in the book is paid to younger fine artists. The key book on key Slovenian painters of the past 60 years.
Medved awakens individual mythologies of our great painters like Mušič, Stupica and Pregelj, thematises anew the dilemmas and visual poetics of modernism and explores minutely the poetics of the youngest generation ranging from Pivk to Weinberger and Ficko. When charting contemporary Slovenian fine art, Medved is not one to keep a record. He primarily gives meaning, indicates at a broader European and World-wide context, evaluates critically and often re-actualises. Providing reading and mental pleasure, the book makes an important contribution to the consideration of contemporary Slovenian art.

Talking humanities is a series of discussions on books published by Študentska založba within its Koda book series.

The event has been organised in cooperation with Študentska založba.

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