SAME BABE – Poetry of Janez Menart put to music

Tuesday 7 December 2010 at 8 pm - A night of poetry by Janez Menart put to music. The introductory talk with the musicians was followed by the concert of SAME BABE. The discussion was hosted by Simona Kopinšek.

Music of diverse genres based on witty and piercing lyrics. The band's repertoire partly consists of poems by Janez Menart put to music, and occasionally of works by other poets or folk songs, but the majority of texts are original works. In their creation, the band literally provides the texts with music, so that the music component somehow reflects the words. As regards the music, the band pays special attention to polyphonic singing. Their appearance is accompanied by much humour and performance.

Marko Jelovšek: double bass, cymbals, vocals,
Marko Voljč: trumpet, ukulele, rhythms, vocals,
Miha Nemanič: harmonica, rhythms, vocals,
Viki Baba: guitar, acccordion, shouting and screaming,
associate member Uroš Buh: percussion, vocals.

The band that was formed in spring 2003 has so far appeared at all major ethno (and similar) festivals (e.g. Lent, Zmaj ma' mlade, Sajeta, Okarina Bled, Etnofolk Črnomelj, Etno Rock Domžale, Sanje, Grajski vitraž, Dnevi knjige etc.). In 2007 they released the album Za ljubi kruhek in njene črne črne lase on Sanje publishing house, comprising poems by Janez Menart put to music. The same year, they were invited as guests to the international chanson festival La Vie En Rose. In 2009 they received first prize at the Slovenian chanson festival for the original chanson Dobri možje.

The programme has been supported by the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Book.

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