Andrej Morovič / In si tu - book presentation

Monday 8 March at 7 pm - a presentation of the new book by Andrej Morovič, the short story collection In si tu. The discussion with the writer and traveller across the dunes of Sahara was hosted by Mitja Čander, editor of Beletrina imprint.

Andrej Morovič: In si tu
Andrej Morovič, famous for his baroque language, uses a slightly different tone in the new book. HIs language is less impetuous, set more in minor key. If the introduction takes us to America, the story then leads us to a short break on an Adriatic island and further to Sahara. His prose then acquires the slow and seemingly endless nature of the desert, almost as if Chekhov appeared in a desert a century later. In the final round of this dizzy withdrawal from the urban and the civilised, the hero of an accidental story already gets used to facing death. But - and here Morovič certainly remains the good old Morovič - an unexpected turn shows that life has not had its last word. In si tu. A skilled observer, the writer takes us to the inner brim of the global world and its dialectics, takes us to the heart of void, where after so many visions everything has to appear authentic again.

Prose writings by Andrej Morovič (born in 1960), particularly his novel Bomba la petrolia (1989), were one of the greatest discoveries in 1980's. His rich, innovative, teasing language is so recognisable that critics today simply call it “morovič-like”. The characters of his stories and novels, mostly autobiographical figures, just like the author like to traverse the homeland borders and spend years in Venice, New York, Berlin (with particular nomadic qualities assigned to the narrator of the novel Seks, ljubezen in to / Sex love and everything, 2006), and recently at sea and in the desert (short story collection Okoliščine / Circumstances, 2008), they are among the campaigners in Metelkova zone (Progres, 2008) and composing a human chain in Irak (Tisoč in ena moč / A Thousand and One Might, 2005). His works are often translated into foreign languages, they have been included in several short story anthologies. Getting towards 50, the author has celebrated the occasion with an untypical short story collection where his wild stampede of words gets tranquillized in the desert sand.

The event was organized in cooperation with Študentska založba publishing.

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