EKRAN Magazine Presentation

Tuesday 22 December 2009 at 7 pm, MMC KIBLA - the presentation of EKRAN magazine.

Ekran magazine for film and television was established in 1962. Alongside critical evaluations of films it is its basic purpose to open up the field of theoretical discussion on film as well as related media. Thanks to the founders (V. Musek, T. Tršar, B. Šomen), Ekran was able in its first years to pay attention to contemporary European film, at first through translations from other languages and gradually with its own contributions. Slovenian film critics and essayists assembled around Ekran were crucial for the promotion and evaluation of the “black wave” in the 1960's (Hladnik, Petrovič, Pavlović, Klopčič, Makavejev). Afterwards the magazine gradually opened towards various critical and theoretical tendencies, with a pronounced supremacy of contemporary French film theory in the 1980's (Comolli, Bonitzer, Chion, Deleuze). It could be said that based on this and with the support of Lacanian concepts, the “Ljubljana film school” (Vrdlovec, Žižek, Pelko) was established, whereas Ekran as edited by Silvan Furlan experienced – and caused! – a real theoretical boom. In 1985 the magazine established its own imprint, Imago.

In 1990's the magazine was assumed by Stojan Pelko and then Simon Popek, who edited Ekran for eight years. Ekran continued to discuss original film, yet gradually there was some attention paid to various genres as well as new, emerging names of the global (and domestic) film scene. Particular attention was paid to directors and films running against the stream and constructing the history of contemporary film.

In March 2005 Ekran acquired a new editor, now sadly deceased Nika Bohinc. Although the contents and design were restyled, Ekran remained faithful to the tradition of engaged, serious, responsible film coverage. Some new regular sections were introduced, such as Scenoslednik (scene-tracker) – an excursion into close and distant cinema environments; Povečava (blow-up) – Ekran's selection of topical films in domestic distribution, and Fokus (Focus) on a chosen topic; Slovenski film (Slovenian film) – new Slovenian films, interviews; Kino svet (Cinema World) – reports from film festivals; Zrcalo (Mirror) – insider analysis on national cinema industries, interviews; Kontra-plan (Counter-plan) – essays, theory, Reality-check, reviews of new film books; Poslušalnica (Listening box); Digitalije (Digital resources) – the digital film revolution.

In May 2009, Gorazd Trušnovec became the editor. The first (double) issue was published in summer 2009 and in September 2009, Ekran became a monthly again. In future, the magazine shall focus on film practice more than theory, contact with readers will be established again, it will be more communicative, prompter, more topical, it will feature more interviews, more portraits, and what is most important, it will be published in regular intervals. Despite all, Ekran remains dedicated to serious discussions on film, i.e. the cinephile approach. Writing about film will become more dynamic and diverse in genre, Ekran shall cover the developments abroad, yet it will be particularly focusing on what is happening in Slovenia and what can be seen here. It will also cover film-related business and technology, rather than only the art and film “spirit”. Ekran shall cover all facets of film, no preconceptions or limitations. It will also seek contact with other cultural areas. In short, Ekran will again become the main Slovenian magazine for film as well as film-related creativity and reflection.

Participating at the presentation were Špela Barlič, Matic Majcen and Robert Petrovič.

The programme has been supported by the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Book.

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