Kiblix: Cold War for Information Technology, book presentation

Thursday 23rd October at 7 pm MMC Kibla - the presentation of the book Cold War for Information Technology, organized within Kiblix  Festival – Open code for artistic purposes.

Janez Škrubej
, a participant in the battle for maintaining information technology during the Cold War between East and West, took us through surprising historic twists in the development of information technology, taking place in 1980's.
Information technology and the related Internet are key products of the Cold war that have become almost as indispensable for the planet as water and have provided major contribution to the victoty of West in this war. Although the least bloody in 20th century, this global fight was the most crucial for the future development of life on the planet. It was mainly led by US, Soviet, Indian and Chinese secret services, yet an important part was played by the company Iskra Delta, whose origin and part among the main actors is described in the book that was presented in MMC Kibla.

Discussion with the author Janez Škrubej was conducted by Peter Tomaž Dobrila.

The event has been prepared in cooperation with Pasadena Publishing House.

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