Damir Avdić

Damir Avdić
TOMORROW Musical Cycle
MMC KIBLA, Friday, 28. 2. 2020, at 8 pm

You are cordially invited to MMC KIBLA on Friday, 28 February, for Damir
Avdić's concert starting at 8 p. m..

Nothing compares to meeting Damir and his music in person, to gathering at a concert and watching him, listening to him. Or the other way around, also. Listening and watching. Both at the same time. Much like his music, highly original and unique, his performances are personal and candid. Emotional and striking, committed and social, intimate and ours. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most recognizable voices, one of the best guitarists, one of the most outspoken reporters of the present, one who reflects the general through the intimate, and vice versa – one who looks for himself in the general. And he ... finds us.      

He turns into a consciousness, he becomes an interrogator of conditions, an explorer of emotions, an illustrator of reality, a describer of perceptions, a harbinger of visions, a commentator of the past, a critic of the present, and a foreteller of the future. Like a true worshiper of music and respecter of the Word, he blends the two into a dramaturgy of his own experience, which is an inexhaustible spring of a magic potion that imprints his creativity onto the memory of anyone who hears him. Or watches him. This happens on its own. Unwittingly. From all sides we are overrun by sounds and verses, rhythmisized narratives of the conscious and the unconscious, impromptu sketches and monumental canvases of his vocabulary, and inexhaustible springs of sound.    

The only instrument, the guitar, and only his voice weave the web of his pieces, delicate beyond anything else. They breathe life and gasp existence. Here and now. In a forge of the blues and storytelling, embroideries of sounds and sentences meld inside steely statements and expressions that become apparent when we meet him. When we see one another. We meet there, so that we can tell each other things. Reveal ourselves. Cover ourselves. Experience the primal nature of this musical-verbal wholesome bath for our heart. The body, then, is present, and the soul is around somewhere: even if sold out ages ago, here is a chance for redemption. All we do is hear.   

Damir Avdić (1964), alias Bosnian psycho / Diplomatz, has performed in his home-town Tuzla as a member of Rupa u zidu, releasing together five albums, and additionally in the last ten years four albums as a solo artist (Od trnja i žaoka, Mrtvi su mrtvi, Život je raj, Mein Kapital), as well as three novels (Enter džehenem, Tiket za revoluciju, Na krvi ćuprija) and a poetry collection Kuda sestro. In 2007 he composed and also performed music for Branko Šimić's performance Einkindunserezeit. He is the author of the monodrama Most na krvi (Glej Theater), music for the documentary film Totalni gambit (2011), and music for the animated film directed by Jan Cvitkovič, Arheo (2012). His music was also part of the performance Svinje (2012, Glej Theater), directed by Renata Vidič. Damir Avdić is one of the most intriguing poets and musicians in the Balkan area. A madman on stage with his Gibson and his Marshall, he interprets his tough, bloody, sometimes unpleasant pieces. As a music composer for theater and film, he has won some of the highest awards and recognitions. At the 20th Slovene Film Festival in Portorož last year, he was awarded the Vesna Award for his film scores for the films Ivan and Družinica. At the 52nd Theater Festival in Maribor, he received the Borštnik Award for Best Original Composition in Antigone.         

Photo: Sabina Vukalić



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