Guided tour of exhibiton Activating Receptors

Valvasorjeva 40, Maribor

You are kindly welcome to attend a guided tour of the exhibition Activating Receptors on Saturday, 18 March 2017 at 5 p. m., with the author of the exhibited works, sculptor Žarko Bašeski. The exhibition is on display at KIBLA PORTAL (Valvasorjeva Street 40, Maribor).

A consistent creative path has brought Žarko Bašeski to a top position in the world of art. When after years of abstract sculpting and installations his sculptures became more and more figural in form, at a certain point he found himself closer to purely realist depictions, which, however, were charged with an additional quality. His figures and their faces oozed character; they extended the domain of reality, and the poses and grimaces crossed over the realistic sphere. Quite naturally, it seems, this was followed by a transformation in terms of materials, as he moved from wood, metal, and stone to polyester, and decided to continue with hyperrealistic sculpting.
Since then, his path has been constantly rising, and one of the stops on this way was his representation of Macedonia at the Venice Biennial in 2011. After that, it was hard for him to keep up with all the exhibition invitations he had received from galleries around the world. He has been exhibiting across America and Europe; in Mexico, New York, Paris, Bilbao, Prague, Riga, Berlin, Nürnberg, Malta and Italy, while his first appearance in Slovenia was part of the group exhibition MIG 2 – the international interdisciplinary movement, in 2016.

RTV SLOVENIA Culture 20. 3. 2017 (KULTURA OB 22H, 2nd mminute)

Žarko Bašeski
Activating Receptors
17 March – 31 May 2017
KIBLA PORTAL, Maribor, Slovenia

Photo: Kristijan Robič @ Kibla archive



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