Risk Change Round table: Through the eyes of the precariat

19 May 2017, at 6 p. m.

Round table discussion * Through the eyes of the precariat * on Friday, 19 May 2017, at 6 p. m. at the location of KIBLA PORTAL, Valvasorjeva 40, Maribor

The round table in Maribor, in comparison to the recent event held in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, feature an additional important aspect. In the first part of the discussion precarious workers,
people with a detailed insight into the circumstances of precarious employments, and those well acquainted with the concrete challenges the precariat is facing.


Karina Ditz, professional driver, secretary at the Professional Drivers' Trade Union,
Barbara Polajnar, self-employed in the field of culture,
Marija Mojca Pungerčar, MA, founder and editor of the Newsletter for self-employed in culture,
Kristina Božič, journalist for the daily newspaper Večer, and
Goran Lukič from the workers' counselling office (Delavska svetovalnica).

In the second part, experts from various fields pointed out the reasons behind the occurrence of precarious employments, as well as the consequences it implies for both the individual and the society, and present the solutions that have been used so far to deal with the issues associated with precarious work.


Jože Mencinger, PhD, economist,
Igor Šoltes, PhD, Member of the European Parliament,
Metoda Dodič Fikfak, PhD, head of the Clinical Institute of Occupational, Traffic, and Sports Medicine,
Rudi Klanjšek, PhD, sociologist, and
Jakob Počivavšek, President of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Slovenia PERGAM.

The closing part will include a discussion with the aim of providing a common strategy for our future struggle.

Co-organizers: Association for culture and education KIBLA, Pekarna Magdalenske mreže, Institute for precariat studies (IŠP).Co-organizers: Association for culture and education KIBLA, Pekarna Magdalenske mreže, Institute for precariat studies (IŠP).

Support: Snaga d. o. o. Maribor. The event is held under the patronage of the Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor.

The participation of ACE KIBLA is carried out as part of the international project Risk Change, co-financed by the Creative Europe program.


The discussion is urgent: the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) states that in 2015 there were as many as 60.000 precarious employments only in the Podravje Region, and as many as 369.000 in the entire Slovenia. It is therefore crucial that we consider the issues related to precarious work together. This refers to those directly thrown in precarious work positions, to students, who will most likely be faced with precarious work opportunities in the short, middle, and long term, and to all those that may be have full-time employments themselves, but are concerned about their colleagues, friends or family members working and living precariously.

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Maj 2017: Druga okrogla miza Skozi oči prekariata – Maribor

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Glasilo Zofijinih ljubimcev – Društva za razvoj humanistike;
Radio Maribor: Naši ljudje (pogovor voditeljice Simone Kopinšek s Črtom Poglajnom); 2.5.2017;
Četrtinka: Glasilo samoorganiziranih četrtnih skupnosti Maribora; maj 2017;
Radio Slovenija; Studio ob 17:00, 1. maj 2017; avtorica Simona Kopinšek, gosta Črt Poglajen in Urška Brezar;

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