Studio 8.1 – Maj Brinovec – Contrasts

Studio 8.1 – Maj Brinovec – Contrasts
17 March 2023, at 8 p.m.

We kindly invite you to the music event Studio 8.1. – Maj Brinovec  – Kontrasti, which will take place on Friday, 17 March 2023, at 8 p.m. at MMC KIBLA / KiBela Art Space (Ulica kneza Koclja 9).

Studio 8.1 is a creative territory, a concert series led and shaped by the musicians themselves. The platform establishes a continuous practice of innovative sound codes and the conception of new creative cells, acting as a generational bridge and a community meeting point. The creators become familiar with the wider mental and physical space in which a musical event is produced, and test their ideas in an ongoing dialogue with other stakeholders. In this way, the creator also becomes their own curator. This is what allows individual events to be thought outside the given concert contexts and to follow a self-generating logic, closely linked to the energy, knowledge and abilities of the whole concert community.

The curator of the upcoming edition is saxophonist and composer Maj Brinovec
, one of the two artists in residence and curators of the Studio 8.1 series in 2023.

About the concert program

This concert is dedicated to contrasts such as the old versus the new and the archaic versus the modern. The performance of the solo instrument includes a performance of a more recent work, with an older Baroque-style piece serving as an introduction. The performance of the older work will show a slight awkwardness in the performance on a modern instrument (a sound aesthetic unknown at the time of the work's composition), followed by a so-called performanceally correct setting of the more recent work for the instrument featured on the program. By juxtaposing the older work with the newer one, a clear guideline for the development of the compositional mode is set and, together with the aforementioned performance characteristics, it completes each point holistically.
– Maj Brinovec, curator

The program of performed works and performers:

Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude from Suite for Cello No.2 in D minor, BWV 1008

Maj Brinovec
Lace I

Maj Brinovec, alto saxophone

Georg Philipp Telemann
Fantasy No. 1 in A major, TWV 40: 2

Henri Tomasi
Sonatine Attique

Nina Pavšek, clarinet

Georg Philipp Telemann
Fantasia No. 8 in E minor, TWV 40: 9

Lan Podletnik Ašič
new work

Hana Žvagen, flute

Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude and Fugue in C minor from Well-Tuned Piano II, WTK 871

Nejc Poljanec
Green George

Tinkara Zupan, accordion

The Studio 8.1 concert series is a program of the .abeceda Institute. The event is organized in cooperation with KID KIBLA. The program is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.



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