Betina Habjanič, DRUGA VRSTA


You are cordially invited to attend a performance by young artist/author Betina Habjanič, entitled DRUGA VRSTA (OTHER SPECIES), on Thursday, 17 January 2019, at 7 p. m. at KIBLA Portal in Maribor.

In her performance DRUGA VRSTA (OTHER SPECIES), the artist, a committed activist and an ardent advocate of animal rights for all species, including breeding animals, which are intended to ensure the survival of only one – rational (sic!) – species, deals with the psychological phenomenon of the slaughterhouse syndrome: under extreme circumstances, humans are able to preventively block certain brain centers, in order to "develop" a drive to eliminate the other for the preservation of their own existence. Is this a genocide of the rational over the irrational?

Can an answer be found in a Kafkaesque metamorphosis of humans into animals, or better yet, in a sublimation of castrating animals at the expense of humans? 


"Shell shedding shell, only to become a placenta and litter the next shell, which shall itself come off like skin upon the birth of a new shell ...


Perhaps there is nothing beyond shells, perhaps wrinkledness is all there is, and perhaps that is why birth stings so much." (Tomaž Grušovnik)











The performance is the final in a series of events carried out as part of the international art exhibition Osebno / Personal, showing until 8 February 2019 at KIBLA Portal in Maribor.

KIBLA Portal, Valvasorjeva Street 40, Maribor


Photo: Miloš Vujinovič

Photo: Branimir Ritonja



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