CultEco Youth Exchange, 15/09 – 23/09/2009

EPeKa Scientific and research association for art, cultural-educational programmes and technology has organised the CultEco youth exchange, which took place at Maribor Pohorje hills and its surroundings between 15/09 and 23/09/2009. Participants came from the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and Slovenia. The project aimed at encouraging young people to act creatively and think actively about environmental issues (climate change), nature preservation (sustainable development and sustainable consumption), about natural food production and preparation.

Participants were presented environmental issues by experts in a non-expert manner, based on interesting topics surpassing the frameworks of formal education. During the exchange they were expressing their creativity and acquired knowledge at numerous topical eco workshops, they visited an eco farm, practiced the traditional preparation of culinary specialties and visited by foot or by bike various spots and natural wonders in Pohorje, having soothing effects on physical and spiritual health of people who are mostly accustomed to turbulent urban environments. They also produced a guidebook for natural, wild-grown food.

The aim of CultEco international youth exchange was to bring young people to environmental issues, which unfortunately are still not an equal part of formal education in official education institutions. The youth exchange thus provided a number of young people with the opportunity to spend their time together actively, valuably an creatively, to exchange experience, opinions and own vies at the environmental policy and to spread the knowledge acquired to their schoolmates and friends, because it is the youth who will have to be well prepared for the unpredictability of nature and the menacing climate change.
CultEco youth exchange has been organised by EPeKa in cooperation with ACE KIBLA.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (Youth in Action programme). This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

CultEco youth exchange programme:

15/09 Tuesday
- Arrival
- Get-to-know-you activities
- Accommodation in Smolnik youth centre
- Ambient music night

16/09 Wednesday
- Get-to-know-you activities
- Youth centre presentation
- Lecture on eco foods and the procedure of eco production and processing certification (lecturer: Valentina Aleksič)
- Lecture on vegan cuisine (lecturer: Yahu Maankind)
- Lecture on eco policy, cultural heritage and eco tourism (lecturer: Štefan Simončič)
- Sports games
- Film night (Our Daily Bread - Unser tagliches Brot), to be followed by a discussion
- Wine tasting

17/09 Thursday
- A day with a wild-grown food expert (Dario Corteze)
- Howie B. gig in Maribor

18/09 Friday
- Visit to Herič eco farm
- Visit to Paloma recycled paper plant
- Round table on recycling
- Dudon gig
- DJ Party in MMC KIBLA

19/09 Saturday
- Presentation of Youth in Action programme in MMC KIBLA
- Workshop in article writing for an Eco magazine
- Karaoke party in MMC KIBLA

20/09 Sunday
- Cycling to Pohorje
- Make Pohorje clean campaign
- Visit to the museum at Bolfenk
- Indian sauna

21/09 Monday
- Lecture: Homegrown food or bought food? (lecturer: Marko Resinovič)
- Visit to Šumik waterfall
- Eco quiz
- Intercultural dinner

22/09 Tuesday
- Round table on ecology
- Evaluation of CultEco youth exchange
- Presentation of the Eco magazine in MMC KIBLA and Youthpass award ceremony
- Party night

23/09 Wednesday
- Evaluation of the exchange with youth leaders
- Departure

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