Ana Sladetić: Parallel Presences

Ana Sladetić: Parallel Presences
28 July–24 August 2022

You are cordially invited to the opening of the solo exhibition of Ana Sladetić entitled Parallel Presences, which will take place on Thursday, 28 July 2022, at 7 p.m. in KiBela.


Ana Sladetić continues art techniques into augmented and virtual realities and uses modern technologies and her own methods in revealing works and interacting with them. She performs pioneering and research work and is one of the most original (fine art and visual) artists.

The researching, innovative, original artist strives for creative awareness and visual organization of the dialogue between modern technology and tradition. The experience that visitors have in direct communication with the works is extremely important to her. In order to strengthen this, she envisages an interactive approach to viewing of the exhibits.

What's more, the interactive component of these works will represent a modern technological upgrade of their fundamentally classical and even traditional artistic expression. At the exhibition Parallel Presences in the MMC KIBLA and the KiBela art space, Ana presents three complex, visually diverse, but at the same time conceptually very connected works: Clean and Wrong (2016), Where Is ___ Home? (2012–2018) and the recent work Isolated Presence (2022).

»I am interested in looking at the environment that surrounds people and what is around them (the procedures and consequences that the individual faces). I am also interested in the invisible elements embedded in those that surround us (what role they play in enabling visual communication). Combining traditional and contemporary media, my works are created using optics, light, pattern, mechanics, or heat. I often use drawing and printmaking techniques in interaction with video and performance. In my works of art, I study the themes of visual perception, epistemology, isolation, life on the edge of society, family life, and parallel presence.«

»With my works, I push the boundaries of what is seen and experienced. I am inspired by today's world of communication and available technology in dialogue with traditional media. With my latest works, I question the safety of the home, (im)mobility, and presence in front of the work, so that the visitor or participant discovers the work itself, learns hidden information, and experiences it. I believe that experiential learning is necessary to promote internal motivation and store what has been learned, seen, and tested.«

In addition to her artistic practice, Ana Sladetić received her doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2016. Today, she is an assistant professor at the Academy of Arts and Culture of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek. She lives and works in a studio in Samobor. She participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Europe and abroad. She received several awards for her work, including the Kranjčar Gallery award at the 35th Youth Salon. She also received the award for the best work of the World Youth Art Festival exhibition (Seoul, South Korea), ex aequo at the 25th Slavonic Biennale, the first Celebrate Originality award – Adidas in collaboration with the Museum of Street Art and the Grand Prix of the 30th Youth Salon (HDLU, Zagreb, 2009). She held several public lectures and workshops in cooperation with domestic and foreign cultural, museum and gallery institutions. She trained and stayed at artistic residencies in Germany, Belgium, France, Finland, and the USA.

Touching artworks is recommended. Immerse yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime experience of expanded visual art, an experience you've never experienced before.

Free entry, free and free.

< Ana Sladetić, Augmented Reality, 2022.

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Photo: Gregor Salobir

Photo: Gregor Salobir



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