Tina Dobrajc Big Girls Don’t Cry

Tina Dobrajc Big Girls Don’t Cry

19 January–17 February 2018
MMC KIBLA/KiBela Gallery, Ulica kneza Koclja 9, Maribor

Big Girls Don’t Cry showcases the artist's more recent works, large-size canvases with painted female images, represented stylistically in a contemporary-traditional manner, which establish an (ever insufficient) communication between the stereotypical, i.e. traditional status related to the historical tradition of the female as wife, and the postmodernist, emancipated shift towards the essence of the female subject.

The artist focuses constantly on exploring the role of women in the past and present, interweaving it skillfully with the symbolism of female emancipation and traditions inculcated in us, and at the same time warns about the inheritance of socialization and the oppression of women throughout history.  

Using a highly sensitive painting rhetoric, Tina Dobrajc depicts a personal, ritualized transition from girl to woman, clashing against the phenomenon of "socialization" as she faces the real world, a phenomenon that stubbornly continues on the path of segregation even in the 21st century – and not only on pay rolls.

Tina Dobrajc (1984) holds an MA in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, where she graduated under the mentorship of professor Herman Gvardjančič. She was awarded with the Hinko Smrekar plaque and the Rihard Jakopič recognition award for young artists, and was among the nominees for the 2011 ESSL Art Award. She works as an independent artist (self-employed) since 2011, engaging in various fine art and other visual genres and focusing on issues related to the role of women in society, social (in)equality, national identities, and the iconographies related to them. Her areas of creation include painting, new media, book illustrations, and theater set design.  Tina Dobrajc lives and works in Škofja Loka.

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