Stojan Grauf Eyewitnesses

Stojan grauf Eyewitnesses
15 September – 7 October 2017

Stojan Grauf is presented on this occasion as a true interdisciplinary bio-artist: the exhibited works are entirely "ecological", painted with natural pigments made by the artist himself. Stojan Grauf brings a piece of nature to the gallery space, a glimpse of the once busy, but now almost forgotten Betnava Park, where he created his cycle of biological paintings entitled Eyewitnesses.

The opening ceremony has been accompanied by a performance by Asja Grauf (flute).    


About the artists:
Stojan Grauf, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, is a well-known local artist from Maribor, known especially as a master of drawing – the primal virtue of any art work. This middle-generation artist has always been closely tied to the city of Maribor, where he continues to live and work. Some of the most fundamental impulses behind his inspiration are related to primal nature and all-natural materials. Stojan Grauf has been self-employed in the field of culture since 1987, working in painting, restoration, murals, graphic design, and the development of indoor and outdoor planning and design concepts. His works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions home and abroad, winning a number of awards and prizes.  

Asja Grauf is an academically trained flute player. She plays in various ensembles, including electro-acoustic and improvised music genres. She has (co-)created musical pieces for puppet shows, fairy-tale and storytelling performances, and painting exhibitions. She also works as an educator, teaching flute in music schools and organizing workshops, through which she connects music to other expressive fields, such as dance and the fine arts.

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Photo: Kristijan Robič, Kibla archive

Art works, photo: Kristijan Robič, Kibla archive



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