Agnes Momirski Artist talk and publication launch: VALA: Nature, technology and consciousness

Agnes Momirski Artist talk and publication launch: VALA: Nature, technology and consciousness
Friday, 8 December 2017, at 6 p. m.

Project Vala investigates linguistic and vocal registers and patterns of female voices online. History shows the inherent dichotomies in female representations between her rational and irrational roles. Video installation Vala displays co-existence of her contradictory voices, the androgynous, rational and sensual. The projects addresses the necessity for integration of these dichotomies, of rational and irrational human facets, for the development of human consciousness in the current technological paradigm.
The lecture by Agnes Momirski will focus on the topic of consciousness and reason, and its development through history. What effects does technology have on perception of reality, and the direction in which our consciousness is developing now?
The talk will include a reading of a few segments from the book The reenchantment of the world, in which the author Morris Berman talks about the necessity of social development towards a holistic world view, where we again see ourselves as part of the cosmos and not separate from it like scientific reason suggests. He explores the possibilities for a consciousness appro

Photo: Kristijan Robič, Kibla archive



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