9 under 29, Final exhibition of the Young Artist series

The final group exhibition of the Young Artist series 9 under 29 presents the current fine arts' production of the younger generation artists. After their debut opening at Kino Šiška, Ljubljana (19th September – 4th October 2014), their works will now also be presented at KiBela Gallery in Maribor. The exhibition is a final step in the series of nine varied, independent shows, which were presented over the year at Kiosk, Kino šiška, with the goal of establishing a permanent framework for the upcoming artists, to present their works to the public with the help of some institutional and financial support. 

On this occasion, Biba Košmerl, Gal Košnik, Bojan Mijatović, Nez Pez, Skrabzi, Adrijan Praznik, Matija Medved, Dorijan Šiško and Nika Rupnik are presented in a single, shared space. Their works deal with the humorous banality and singularity of everyday experience, capturing both the confrontational and the intimate position of the individual in the capitalist era, revealing the magic of rough, unrefined drawings in the age of hypervisuality, and creating new or parallel worlds. Since the exhibition is not founded on a single, subject-based selection of artists, their works act either as having an independent, meaningful effect, or as part of a coincidental dialog, mapping out the shared, complementary expressions or antagonistic relations. Within the institution of art, categorizing artists as “young” can be problematic, however, not recognizing the common issues of an entire generation would imply a disregard for the general economic insecurity at a time of crisis, as well as the individual’s course of life per se. Hence, the Young Artist series proceeds with a new edition in 2014/15.

Participating authors: Biba Košmerl, Gal Košnik, Bojan Mijatović, Nez Pez,
Skrabzi, Adrijan Praznik, Matija Medved, Dorijan Šiško and Nika Rupnik.

Curators: Marija Brklje and Lara Plavčak.

The exhibition will be showing until 10 January 2015.
KiBela, space for art, is open on weekdays between 9 am and 10 pm, and on Saturdays between 4 pm and 10 pm.

For more information on previous exhibitions in the Young Artist series
Organized by: Kino Šiška and MMC Kibla

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