Marko Jakše: BINCA

The exhibition is extended until 28th of February 2014.

Marko Jakše: BINCA

Everything that a painter does gradually becomes painting. When now walking and when thinking, when scratching his behind and sweeping the floors or cleaning, when observing wonderful clouds and when sleeping and dreaming, when drinking with his friends and dancing; everything is painting. His entire life infected by it, until he needs no more paint, no brushes nor canvas. In the end he even understands all those slackers who never painted, but are still magnificent painters. A painter is a poète maudit and his lavishness is constant, incessant. This need, which would hardly be called primary, is “pierced”, to be metastasized onto and into and across everything that the painter does.  

The Binca Painting speaks: “You people care about each other, and you are the favorite subject of discussion for us, paintings&rabbits&souls. If we frighten and bewilder you, it is out of love and care. It is our duty to constantly trundle and roll the idea, our queen bee (which is not to be confused with thought at any cost: Thought kills, deprives, separates and darkens, while Idea gives birth, provides, nurtures, cleanses and heals). Our doing is not fabrication, but ideasation: just like the illusionist pulls a white rabbit out of the hat, so you are pulled into life by Idea; and then us, paintings&rabbits&souls see to it that you are clean, meticulous, disobedient and that you do not stray from the path of memory and companionship, which is the only right path. We rabbits&paintings&souls never sleep. Perhaps not regularly, but at least post-festum we provide you with the facts – information – details, which you overslept or overlooked in some other way. We will come up with new strategies. You just keep looking at the sky. And soon, you will notice the clouds, somewhat different, “strangely” shaped clouds. And when you say “fuck, what sort of clouds are these?!”, we shall be thrilled with excitement.”

(text by Marko Jakše, Mohorje, 4 December 2013)

About the exhibition

13 December 2013 – 28 February 2014
Opening: 13 December 2013 at 8pm
KiBela / KIBLA Maribor

KiBela, space for art, is open on weekdays between 9am and 9pm.




Razstava Marka Jakšeta, RTV Slovenija, 18. 12. 2013

Exhibition opening, photos by Serhat Demirdas

(Photo Matej Kristovič)



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