Tanja Vujinović: Supermono 2 – Kinetica Art Fair, London, Great Britain, 4 to 6 February 2011

Tanja Vujinović presented her project produced by Ultramono and co-produced by Kibla at Kinetica fair in London, which hosts select sale items from historical 1960s and 1970s cases to latest technological creations of “moving” or mobile artistic objects and performances. T. Vujinović continues to develop discreet objects in the noise scene and integrate various media communicating outside the exhibition spaces, approaching the viewer interactively.

Installation (textile objects, custom-made electronics, computer)
Produced by: Ultramono and ACE KIBLA
Producer: Jan A. Kušej,

Supermono 2/3 is a tactile and sonic environment. It consists of a multitude of objects incorporating custom electronic or mechanical components. They embody the features of contemporary toys by means of simplified cute shapes, close personal contact with users, and the construction of micro-worlds through modularity and limited, mostly sound-based responsiveness.
Supermono 2 is part of a series of works in development, entitled Discreet Events in Noisy Domains, composed of tactile-sonic objects or environments based on multiple non-linear video and sonic systems, which re-code events into noisy audiovisual data currents.


Kinetica Art Fair is produced by Kinetica Museum and is the first of its kind in the UK. It brings together galleries, art organisations and curatorial groups from around the world who focus on universal concepts and evolutionary processes though the convergence of kinetic, electronic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and multi-disciplinary new media art, science and technology.
The fair provides an international platform for museums, collectors, curators and the public to view and buy artworks in this thriving and advancing field. Alongside the fair there will be special events, screenings, tours, talks, workshops and performances.

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