Breda Pivk: 3π MULTIVERSE

Within X-OP eXchange of art Operators and Producers, KIBLA Association for Culture and Education has issued a call for a month-long X-OP residence in Maribor for an artist, theoretician, producer or art critic. The April residence in Maribor – the 3π Multiverse intermedia project by Breda Pivk – will be presented in Kibela gallery from 6 to 21 May 2011. The exhibition opens on Friday 6 May at 8 pm.

The 3π Multiverse intermedia project is an experimental, multilayered, metaphoric artistic project related to topical theories of contemporary cosmology and quantum physics based on the assumptions that our visible universe is only one of the uncountable co-existing parallel universes. It is about an active integration of scientific findings with artistic creations, the interlacement providing new experiential dimensions and an actual transition from old paradigms of our existence to new potential realities.

Starting point: to present an audiovisual ambient generated through several phases of creative expression and diverse technological media. This is about an innovative, original painting technique functioning quite digitally by default, yet the images are not computer-generated, only digitally-mediated. The author paints by hand with oil paints on ceramic foundations of small sizes, which she then photographs and continues working on the same foundation. Indeed, the image is disappearing, yet there is a new one emerging from the same “mass”, which finally leads to a series of images, i.e. a film, a digital recording of the complete creative process, which communicates interesting, utterly unexpected visual effects, images, fractals and micro-architectural designs that are only visible to the naked eye when mediated digitally and magnified. The project is a multilayered research into multidimensional landscapes, sometimes reminding of space shots of Hubble, at other times reminding of the artistic side of nano art and microbiological structures of the human body, the hierarchies of fractals in endless creations, or maybe they evoke provocative mythological underground topics that have been stirring fear and mythical findings alike throughout the history of our civilisation. In short, what we have here is the whole range of traditionally invisible cosmologies and archetypal matrices that seem universal not only at the level of micro and macro atomic structures, but also at the level of the universal field of art. Symbolic languages of geometric and abstract shapes that exploit artistic contemplation to transform into images, and draw the observer into deep three-dimensional imaginary worlds. A visual chaos that simultaneously stands for the fractal order and synthetic tangibility of random associative interplays between dynamic strokes, its magnification resonating in Boecklinesque romantic philosophy.
In a particular segment, the images and video presentations are integrated with the music by Cameron Bobro, which again is not computer generated. Rather, each specific sound is created separately through sequences of classical instruments and an ancient way of tuning. However, like the medieval, Persian music, the composition is finally built through electronic synthetisation. In both cases we have a treasury of ancient knowledge, languages and images that acquire new, extended dimensions through contemporary audio and digital technologies. Interplay of perceptions and the dimension of imagination created through the use of contemporary technological media, this is the key element of reconstructing new realities that, actually, are not new, just newly awakened within the experience of the human mind. The universe was not made multidimensional in the moment when the man became aware of it, yet the instant might have made the man a multidimensional being, the source of endless creativity.
The project focuses on organic production and intermedia transmission of audiovisual contents, which enable us to enter new aesthetical dimensions and the intimate imagination of conscious and subconscious spheres.

Breda Pivk graduated in cultural anthropology, ethnology and sociology of culture from the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana in  2000. In 1992, she attended lectures at Goldsmith's College, London based on a Mundo scholarship. She has spent much of the past ten years abroad, executing a number of lengthy field researches and residences in Asia, Africa and Central America. Her study interest was mostly oriented into the exploration of art and culture of non-European countries. After completing her studies, her interest shifted towards the integration of contemporary art and science. She has been active in the field of intermedia art since 2006 within Centre 21 and Studio Samorog – a studio for cosmology, myths and visual arts.

6 May 2011 –  21 May 2011
Opening: 6 May 2011 at 8 pm
Kibela / KIBLA Maribor

KiBela, Space for Art is open every day 9.00 am to 10.00 pm, Saturdays 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm, the gallery is closed Sundays.
MMC KIBLA wishes to thank the following for their support: EU-EACEA, Culture Programme, Brussels, Slovenian Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Maribor and Office of Youth. KiBela programme is part of the European X-OP project.




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