KIBLA14YEARS/Johannes Birringer: UKIYO - choreographic installation

Kibela, Friday, 18. 6. 2010, at 8 pm

UKIYO – moveable worlds / choreographic installation

Yiorgos Bakalos
Katsura Isobe
Biyo Kikuchi
Jun Makime
Anne-Laure Misme
Helenna Ren
Mamen Rivera
Yumi Sagara
Olu Taiwo
Ruby Rumiko Bessho
Caroline Wilkins

Conceived and directed by: Johannes Birringer

Original music and real time synthesis: Oded Ben-Tal
Lighting design: Mamen Rivera
Photography: Paul Verity Smith
3D Virtual graphic: Doros Polydorou
Real time sound processing: Sandy Finlayson
Fashion concepts and design: Michele Danjoux
Scenography: Johannes Birringer
Virtual visual design: Takeshi Kabata, Gekitora

Produced by: DAP-Lab, dans sans joux
Supported by: PMI2 Connect, British Council Research Co-operation Award, The Japan Foundation

UKIYO is “choreographic installation” conceived as an audio-visual live concert featuring dancers, actors and musicians with acoustic/amplified instruments and specially designed sonic garments (fashion concepts by Michèle Danjoux). The movement characters are performed in a criss-crossing scenographic lay-out of five hanamichi (runways) to electronic music, with lighting and screen projections of digital video/animations on four screens.
UKIYO explores the layers of perceptions in an audiovisual world that constantly shifts and fragments; the audience is invited to move in and around the space which, in its current version features one of five hanamichi (runways). Dancers perform simultaneous with digital objects that are projected. The music and visual choreography for "Ukiyo" are designed for real-time gestural interaction to animate the feedback system and generative algorithms through with the virtual space and the performer movements are intertwined. "Ukiyo" is performed by an international cast of several performers whose work developed in online collaboration with digital artists in Tokyo, as part of a cross-cultural research venture in virtual environments directed by Birringer (Professor of Performance Technologies, DAP-Lab, Brunel School of Arts).

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The exhibition is part of  X-OP project, supported by European Commission – Program Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Municipality of Maribor.

Photo gallery (photo by: Boštjan Lah)



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