The Branch / PART 2 in Maribor - presentation of the project and artists in residence: Anne-Valérie Gasc & Gilles Desplanques

Thursday 22 October 2009 at 7 pm, MMC Kibla - the presentation of The Branch / PART 2 in Maribor project, by association OTTO-PROD / La Vitrine, where artists in residence Anne-Valérie Gasc and Gilles Desplanques (Marseille, France) presented their works.

The Branch is a programme of crossed residences for ar­tists between France and Slovenia realized in co-production with PEKARNA Magdalenske Mreže and in partnership with SEXTANT et plus. Two duos of French and Slovene artists are invited to work in Marseille and Maribor during this brand new cultural exchange cycle. These two 45 days lasting sessions will ensure a privileged time allowing the invited artists to deve­lop their creation abroad, in close relationship with the local cultural scenes. The Branch will initiate an intense season of artistic production, with a dense rythm orchestrated by events such as open doors of the studio, lectures, exhibitions and per­formances.

Otto-Prod / La Vitrine presents works by Gilles Desplanques and Anne-Valerie Gasc.
During THE BRANCH residency, according to a strategy, they develop a protocol of artistic interventions as a territorial inva­sion device in three steps:

Meet the artists _ October 22nd. 2009, Star­ting at 7 P.M. Kibar at Kibla, Maribor.
As observers, the artists share their general point of view on the historical and geographical context of Maribor. They propose a report about their artistic goals through a video presentation based on working materials, problematic patterns to focus on and targeted sites to invest.

Exhibition _ November 6th. 2009, Starting at 7 P.M., Plevnik-Kronkowska Galerija, Celje
On deadly ground, the artists turn aimed points into targets. They blast each of the Slovenian typical architectures by cutting in thousand pieces the catalog of a building contractor. They illustrate effects of missile impact: the gal­lery becomes the ultimate focal point of their proposal.

Performance / Site specific installations _ No­vember 11th. 2009, Starting at 6 P.M., Pekarna Cultural Center, Hladilnica Galerija, Maribor.
Then the concept of destruction turns into a real experience. They define processes for architec­tural dismantling. Inside the Hladilnica Gallery, Gilles Desplanques fragilizes the roof while An­ne-Valerie Gasc creates a sound explosion as a massive and destructive shock wave. Nothing should resist to the passage of these two overstated artists.

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