Snježana Premuš: Relation as Architecture 2

Monday 16/03/2009 at 8 pm, MMC Kibla - the second dance-improvisation-discussion event in the cycle of four evenings "Relation as architecture" by the choreographer Snježana Premuš. This time a new challenge was posed to three artists: Miha Horvat (son:DA), Leja Jurišič and Ivan Mijačević. The discussion was hosted by Andreja Kopač. Technical support: Jure Vekjet.

"Relation as architecture" will present renowned Slovenian dancers active at home and in international environment. The focus will be on the interaction of the dynamic and the structural as well as the role of discursive rules with regard to external circumstances and to the basic idea or inspiration. To this end each event will be followed by an improvised discussion between the artists and the audience.

"An improviser in space is also the virtuoso of the moment, in which they recognise internal desires and intentions of the co-improviser as well as external circumstances, which they realise through decisions or movement actions. At the same time they recognise the integration of art and life as well as the balance and articulation of external circumstances, which they must take in consideration during the performance - but not at the expense of their own idea or inspiration."
Snježana Premuš

Miha Horvat
. BA in ethnology and cultural anthropology from the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana. MAF in new media from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Since 2006 post-graduate studies in Philosophy and Theory of Visual Arts at the Faculty of Humanities Koper. Since 2000 member of son:DA tandem. Since 2008 part of "son:DA Foundation".

Leja Jurišić is a graduate attorney, choreographer and dancer. As a choreographer, she has created the performances "Rehearsing freedom" with Teja Reba and R'z'R. She has been creating the cyclical project "Weak Points" in cooperation with Hanna Sybille Müller since 2006. The first phase of the project resulted in the performance "Hidden/Weakness", and their plans for 2009 include the second step, "Conspiracy".

Ivan Mijačević, graduate of Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, born in Ptuj in 1979, dedicated his childhood to music, dance, theatre and fine art. While studying music at the Faculty of Education Maribor, he played with various music bands (Siti hlapci, Omet odpada, Slon in sadež, Nude etc.) as a member, guest or studio musician and performed at concerts in Slovenia and abroad. Of all the choreographers he has worked with and dance teachers whose workshops he has attended, the following left a lasting impression on his dance-performance development: J. Fabre, M. Stuart, K. Duck, J. Hamilton, D. Zambrano, S. Klain, J. Skinner, L. Farr, M. Kozanek, S. Premuš, M. Kejžar and M. Mijačević. In the past two years Ivan participated in twenty-three dance projects in Slovenia, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Croatia and Slovakia. He has also conducted workshops on the relation between music and dance in Carmina Slovenica and at 23rd Winter Dance School Maribor, and been lecturing the course Parameters of Music and Dance at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.



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