Luka Frelih & Robertina Šebjanič / Three electromagnetic habitats

Friday 6th February 2009 at 8 pm, Kibela - the opening of the exhibition by Luka Frelih and Robertina Šebjanič. The artists are presenting the following projects:

Pufinacija/Pufination interactive installation (Robertina Šebjanič and Luka Frelih) - representing microorganisms living in an open ecosystem  The collection of objects functions as a sensitive sensory network...

Participatory, global and public campaign Frida V. (Free Ride Data Acquisition Vehicle; Luka Frelih): The consolidated software and hardware assembly on a bike enables automated mapping of stumbled wireless networks, easy creation of location-tagged media and opportunistic synchronization with a server resource on the internet. Kibela visitors shall be invited to ride Frida across the city and help create new digital recordings of Maribor.

Bubble video installation (Robertina Šebjanič): „...Bubble is actually a pet name for an uncommon creature appearing on the screen. Its presence is constantly unpredictable. It moves, pulses, appears and disappears in the same instability as is shown by the lives of creatures that we know from our experience on the earth...„ (Vasja Nagy, from the text written for the original installation in Alkatraz Gallery)

Luka Frelih is a computer programmer with a particular passion for open-code software, a webpage designer and media artist. He is the founding member of Ljudmila Ljubljana digital media lab and one of authors-members of
Creative Commons Slovenija project.

In her artistic creation Robertina Šebjanič works and researches various media, such as video and sculptural/ambiental techniques, as well as cross-media structured projects of broad concepts. She is currently finishing her studies at the Department of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and at Famul Stuart – a Ljubljana-based school of applied art.

The exhibition is on display until 21. 2. 2009.

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