ArtVilnius09 - Boštjan Novak and Jure Zadnikar

Between 8 and 12 July 2009, the current European Capital of Culture, Vilnius, Lithuania hosted the ArtVilnius09 fair. Kibela attended the fair as the only Slovenian gallery, presenting the works of the sculptor Boštjan Novak and the painter Jure Zadnikar.

"At the Art Vilnius 09 fair, Kibela Gallery presents two Slovenian artists of the younger generation: the sculptor Boštjan Novak and the painter Jure Zadnikar. What they have in common is their decision to opt for classical art tradition. While the address by contemporary art is in the language of new media strongly integrated in the world of technological images, the two authors remain faithful to the traditional media. And it is within this context that opting for traditional iconography and paying attention to formal questions assumes particular value and importance. However, despite the traditional attributes, the works of both authors are marked by a particular deviation and a hint of contemporariness The integration of the traditional and the contemporary then preserves the required tension and attraction towards the viewer.
...The presentation of works by Boštjan Novak and Jure Zadnikar integrates two different creative worlds, touching, intersecting and complementing each other at various points. Both the authors have remained true to their own expression and set guidelines, within which they seek forever new challenges and solutions."

Maja Vuksanović

Promocija slovenske umetnosti s KiBelo, prostorom za umetnost

"Looking back, Kibla has done much to integrate traditional and new artistic media to combine the traditional understanding of art, the avant-garde and new contemporary genres and experiments, as well as research of contemporary media. Kibla has been fighting to provide the space for active, reflective and innovative contemporary art. In 21st century, art is no longer to be contained, rather being active outside museums, realised in the sphere between the social space, aesthetics, reinterpretation of artistic media history, science and ethics. With much reminiscence of the past and avant-garde thoughts for the future. The borders have been blurred and it is this interdisciplinarity of art that presents the basis for the concept of Kibla, where traditional media are also being used to construct intermedia creativity. 
Kibela was established as a defined artistic space in 1999. Its fundamental concept was that of liberating and connecting traditional and electronic art media, presenting artistic (non)messages and artists' (ir)responsibility, integrating art with science and technology and establishing new aesthetics and ecology of the mind.

The creativity of traditional media is important to enrich the electronic ones, but all in the context of historical continuity of visual art, in the sense of greater aesthetization and integration of electronic media and principles into art. In high-tech projects, the interest is in complex intertwining of reciprocally operating systems.

In the ten years of gallery operation, an exclusive approach of installing art in space has been developed: diverse art aesthetics in space both by content and by media that artists use in a creative way. KiBela archive ( includes approximately two hundred socializing art openings, performances, presentations and other art events.

In the 21st century KiBela remains a modern, international base of art with advanced technical equipment, also focusing on the promotion of Slovenian art abroad although classifying art by nationalities is disputable. This is why its selection is in most cases transnational.

Aleksandra Kostič

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Presentation of KiBela gallery in Vilnius has been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

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Jure Zadnikar, Maja Vuksanović and Boštjan Novak

Kibela, Litexpo

opening of the art fair

Studio'di Giovanna Simonetta, Milan

Podzemka, Minsk

RA Gallery, Kiev

Birkenfelds, Riga

Sergey Shabohin, Podzemka, Porto

D137, St. Petersburg

Jakub Nepraš (

Tomasz Mroz (Piekary Gallery)

Piekary Gallery, Poznan

Daniela Luna (Appetite)

Appetite, Buenos Aires

Umtrieb Gallery, Kiel

Kirsten Krüger (Umtrieb Gallery)

Pietras Mazuras, The star light

"Global Trash TV", Candyland

Candyland, Stockholm

S&P STANIKAS, "Magda Goebbels Project"

Vilnius, European capital of culture 2009

Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Exhibition "Big in Japan"




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