Video duo at Kibela: Claire Dantzer & Pascual Sisto

Thursday 11th September 2008 at 8 pm, Kibela - the opening of the exhibition by the artists Claire Dantzer and Pascual Sisto. Collective La Vitrine and Otto-Prod. introduce two international young artists at KIBELA gallery as part of the OTTO-RESIDENCIES program*. This show will gather two video Art pieces by the artists invited as part of this "artists in residence" program in Maribor. The exhibition intends to physically gather these two artist's works as a pivotal moment of the residence cycle.

*OTTO-RESIDENCIES is a program organized by Otto-Prod. in coproduction with Sextant et plus and Pekarna Magdalenske Mreže. Find out more informations about OTTO-RESIDENCIES program at

Pascual Sisto is a Spanish artist (born in 1975) who lives and works in Los Angeles for over ten years. Pascual Sisto's body of work is an attempt to visualize liminality through repetition, manipulation and interruption. These disruptions are seen as the liminal states in otherwise constant modes of presence. The work focuses on the transitional and uncertain phase of several objects undergoing a rite of passage in which their normal condition and function is altered, leaving them in a suspended "betwixt and between" state. The sense of purpose and identity dissolves, bringing about disorientation.
For the exhibition at KIBELA, Pascual presents "28 Years in the Implicate Order" (2004). 28 red balls bounce up and down in a chaotic random order until the point where they all bounce at the same precise moment and then resume to go back into chaos.
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Claire Dantzer is a young French artist (1983) who lives and works in Marseille. She graduated at Fine Art School of Toulon (ESART) in 2006 and then got involved into "Sextant et Plus" Studio (Marseille, Fr). Her art activities and researches are mainly based on transdiciplinary and cross over practices.
For this show, she presents "Espace d’exposition" - Exhibition space- (2005) an 8’42’’ long video in which she monotonically declaims scraps of sentences that she heard and collected during art workshops.
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The exhibition is on display until 24/09/2008.

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Pascual Sisto, "28 Years in the Implicate Order"

Claire Dantzer, "Espace d’exposition"

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