Thierry Kuntzel: Venises/Gilles + Kibela birthday party

Kibela invited you to attend the opening of the first exhibition in year 2008 on Friday 18/1/2008 at 8pm.

Thierry Kuntzel: Venises/Gilles, video instalation

Kibela celebrates it's 9th anniversary in January so we had a cake, blew the candles and had a great time.

Thierry Kuntzel (1948, Bergerac – 2007, Paris)
French film theorist and videomaker. He studied philosophy, linguistics and semiotics with Roland Barthes and Christian Metz at l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, where he earned a doctorate. He was head of the Research Division of both the French Radio and Television Office (ORTF) and Institut National de la Communication Audiovisuelle. He produced a number of experimental video works in conjunction with the Departement des Programmes at the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel in Paris. Kuntzel taught semiotics of cinema and textual analysis of film at the University of Paris; the Centre d'Etudes Americain du Cinema, Paris; and the State University of New York, Buffalo, among other institutions. His writings have been widely published, appearing in such journals as Camera Obscura, Revue d'Esthetique, Communications, and Quarterly Review of Film Studies.

Thierry Kuntzel, whose distinguished writings are among the major contributions to the textual analysis of film, also produced an original body of videotapes and installations. Kuntzel's theoretical texts propose significant applications of psychoanalytical and semiological constructs as elaborations of the relation of the filmic and psychical apparatuses. Among the concepts that he elucidated in the context of the cinema are condensation and displacement, defilement, the imaginary and the unconscious, the "dream-work" and the film-work. He was preoccupied with time and memory, and with what happens beneath the surface of representation, beyond a narrative story line.

In the late 1970s, Kuntzel shifted from the analysis of film to the production of video. Minimalist in representation yet richly layered in suggestive content, works such as Nostos I (1979), Time Smoking a Picture (1980) and Le peintre cubiste (1981) use video to uncover the essence of the perception of reality and representation, memory and the unconscious, in relation to the codes of cinema, photography and painting. Employing the transformative potential of video technology, these evocative works unfold as elusive, implied fictions, visualizations of shifting passages of time, light and movement.
Raymond Bellour has observed that for Kuntzel, video becomes a medium analogous to Freud's "magic writing pad", a means of transcribing the unconscious processes of the psychical and the real. His tapes are informed by use of the paluche -- a miniature, portable camera that functions as an extension of the hand, rather than the eye. Indeed, Bellour has written that it was the "paluche, and its 'writerly,' even calligraphic, qualities that inspired Kuntzel to make the leap from film theory to video art." Grounded in discursive theory, Kuntzels' video works also resonate with a haunting poetry.
Solo exhibitions (selection):
"In Memoriam: Thierry Kuntzel (1948 – 2007), The Museum of Modern Art, New York
"La Force de l'Art, un nouveau rendez-vous avec la création en France", Hiver, Grand Palais, Paris
" Thierry Kuntzel Lumière du Temps (commissariat Raymond Bellour), Le Fresnoy
"Retour", Tampico, Here There Then, Tu, Memory, Musée de Rochechouart, Limoges
"Estados da Imagen, instantes e intervals (States of the Image - instants and intervals) - Lisbon
Tu, Centro cultural de Belem, Lisbon
"Eblouissement", La Desserte Blanche, Galerie du Jeu de Paume, Paris
"Archives et simulations,Lisboa photo", The waves — Centro cultural de Belem, Lisbon
" Thierry Kuntzel, Si lent", Automne (Le mont Analogue), Automne (Eloge de
l’ombre), Hiver, Venises, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
"Flashes", Nostos III, Collections de la Fondation Cartier, Centro cultural de Belem, Lisbon
" Thierry Kuntzel, plasticien-vidéaste", Le Tombeau de Edgar Allan Poe, Memory, Maison de la Culture et école nationale des Beaux-Arts, Bourges
" Thierry Kuntzel ", Le Tombeau de Michael Powell, Le Tombeau de Saussure et trois esquisses, René Blouin Gallery, Montréal
" Thierry Kuntzel ", Tu, Le Tombeau de Edgar Allan Poe, Musée de Rochechouart, Limousin
"L’air du large",  Venises—Venice Biennale
" Thierry Kuntzel, Trois tombeaux", Le Tombeau de Henri Jameszs, Le Tombeau de Herman Melville, Le Tombeau de Edgar Allan Poe, Galerie René Blouin, Montréal
" Thierry Kuntzel, rétrospective ", Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris
" Thierry Kuntzel, rétrospective", Musée d’art contemporain, Montréal
"Projects 29: Thierry Kuntzel ", Hiver, The Museum of Modern art, New-York
" Thierry Kuntzel ", Eté, Hiver, Ecole régionale d’art, Dunkerque
"Rétrospective Thierry Kuntzel ", Centre Georges Pompidou, Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris
"De andere film, vidéos 1979 - 1984", Secession Museum, Vienna
Nostos II, Centre Georges Pompidou-Musée National d'art moderne, Paris
"Video viewpoints", The Museum of Modern Art, New York
"Monographie Thierry Kuntzel", 2e semaine de la création vidéo, Grenoble

Curators: Corinne Castel and Maja Vuksanović.

The exhibition is on display until 16/02/2008.



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