Primož Jeza: Interiors

Thursday 25/09/2008 at 8pm, Kibela - Primož Jeza: Interiors - exhibition opening and presentation of the related book, published by Kibla within TOX publishing.

Primož Jeza is an architect, designer and lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. He was born in 1968 in Kranj and attended primar  school in Žalec. In his final years of the primary school and in secondary school he was intensively dedicated to music. He founded and participated in several music groups and published three concept albums. He mainly created music for expressive dance shows, performances and video; he played at concerts at home as well as abroad, where he mostly worked with the Trieste coordination “Posto Delle Fragole”. Their cooperation was base  on music experiments in the area of border states of an individual's consciousness caused by the repressive social sphere. In 1989 he started studying architecture and entered the FAGG, VTOZD architecture. As part of the seminar conducted by Prof Fedja Košir he participated in competitions, created individual projects, designed many graphic works for companies and publishing houses and took part in solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. In 1997 he graduated, having Prof Fedja Košir as his tutor. From 1997 to 2002 he created film stenography. He recorded and set more than forty sceneries for advertising films. He has been a freelance architect since 1998. In the same year he received the student Plečnik award for exceptional work within and outside his studies. Since 2000 he has lectured at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, and in 2008 the rector awarded him recognition for important works of art in the field of architecture.

Many of his interiors have been presented at various exhibitions. His approach is based on intermedia, seeking to manage the architectural space and modular way of production where amorphous shapes of elements merge with the reality of the orthogonal space and observation of the laws of being. At the exhibition and in the book, Primož Jeza presented his minimalist, futurist and functionalist projects, presenting sharp architectural cuts of interiors in his unique way. In 2005 he designed the renovation of Kibla Multimedia Centre interior.

The exhibition is on display until 30/09/2008.


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