Ksenija Čerče: Sonic

Kibla and Sinagoga Maribor, the exhibition opening on Thursday  21/02/2008 at 7 pm.

Ksenija Čerče: Sonic
acoustic video ambient

Sonic is an artistic articulation of the relationships between the natural and the digital performed by acoustic and visu/ional reality. The acoustic video ambient, established in an extremely acoustic environment and defined by the specific shape of the space, is based on the research into phenomena of transparency and transitivity. Our perception focuses on the movement between sets of acoustic and visual happenings and their forms. The stress is on the difference between the present and the absent - the concealed stimulator of attention. It is the opposite of silence, if silence is perceived as the sensation upon the momentary recognition of the lack of sound and the ensuing listening to silence, searching for other sounds to be assured about hearing.

Curator: Petra Kapš

Ksenija Čerče (1969) received her BA (1999) and MA (2002) in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. She has exhibited her work in numerous shows at home and abroad. Between 1988-96 she completed her studies of Textile and Fashion Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana. In 2003 she was a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship for study in the USA, where she attained her masters in Video and Sound Art at Purchase College State University of New York. She works as an independent artist accredited by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, and is currently working in sound and video art, as well as in painting.

Grants, schollarships and awards
2006 Ministry of Culture RS, working schollarship
2005 Salderelli Fund, SUNY
2004 State Universityof New York Schollarship, Mary Smart Foundation
2003 Fulbright Fellowship
1993-1994 The Zois scholarship for talented students, Republic Slovenia
1996-1999 The Zois scholarship for talented students, Republic Slovenia
1999-2002 Slovenian Ministry of Culture scholarship and co-financing of MFA studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana
1997 1st price for costum and stage design, European Theater Academies Festival, Brno, Czech Republic

Solo exhibitions:

2007 Ether, sound/video environment, Ljubljana Castle-Kazemate, Ljubljana,Slovenija
2007 Mountain cave, sound/video performance, Rog, Ljubljana, Slovenija
2007 Background, Gallery Krka, Novo Mesto, Slovenia
2006 Paintings that are Heard, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2005 Engaging Ephemera, Stay Gold Gallery, New York, USA
2004 Retrospective, Gallery Schwarz, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2003 Hortus Conclusus, KIBELA , multimedia center, Maribor, Slovenia
2002 Hortus Conclusus, paintings and artist’s books, Gallery Equrna, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1999 Slika Notri Vidi Vate, paintings and artist’s books, Ivan Napotnik Gallery, Velenje, Slovenia
1999 Slika Notri Vidi Vate, ambiental project, Old Electricity Factory, Velenje, Slovenia
1998 Maln Project, Gorenja Trebusa, Slovenija
1997 Club Cankarejv Dom, prints, Ljubljana, Slovenija
Published writings (selection)

ArtWords / Likovne Besede, No. 61/62 winter 2002, esay Hortus Conclusus, pg, 93-97, Ljubljana 2002
House Chaos, The Woman and the Destroyed Home Discourse Re-Build, Hortus Conclusus, str. 81-107, 359*, Skopje 2003
ArtWords / Likovne Besede, No. 69/70 zima 2004, Poems, pg. 104-105, Ljubljana 2004

More about the artist:

The exhibition will be on display until 14/03/2008.

Sinagoga Maribor, Židovska ulica 4, will be open each day between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm, Saturdays and Sundays closed.

Photo gallery, the exhibition opening

Photo gallery, author: Damjan Švarc



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