Jure Zadnikar: Towards the sun

Kibla - the opening of exhibition Towards the Sun by the painter Jure Zadnikar on Thursday 30th October at 8 pm.

Jure Zadnikar
(1968) graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana in 1991. Four years later he completed a specialisation in painting at the same academy. In 1994 he visited Thessaloniki in Greece with the support of Tempus scholarship programme. At ZDSLU May Saloon exhibitions he was awarded a recognition in 1993 and second prize in 1999. He has been mainly living in Greece since 1997.

Solo exhibitions:

1989     Tone Rački portrait; Tivoli swimming pool, Ljubljana
              (with Tadej Tozon)
1990     Four images at Čevljarski most (Shoemaker's Bridge)
              (happening); Ljubljana  
1991     Line, Air and Dwarfs; Škuc gallery, Ljubljana
1993     Workers' Centre, Zagorje ob Savi
              Škuc gallery, Ljubljana
1994     Fila Atelier, Thessaloniki, Greece
1995     Equrna gallery, Ljubljana 
              Media Nox gallery, Maribor
              Kensington and Chelsea College, London (with Richard    
              Whitlock and Lambros Psyrrakis)
1996     Krnes Hotel, Črna na Koroškem
              Altra Association club, Ljubljana
              Main Post Office, Ljubljana
1997     Linocuts; French Institute, Thessaloniki (with Fotini  
              Linocuts; Kos gallery, Ljubljana
              Exhibition of Balkan painters; Melina gallery, Drama, Greece
              Linocuts; Ivan Grohar gallery, Škofja Loka (with F.
              Painting things; Equrna gallery, Ljubljana (with Whitlok and
2000      Everyday pictures; Celje Fine Art Saloon
              Everyday pictures; ZDSLU gallery, Ljubljana
2003     Couple-balance of opposites; Zefxis gallery, Thessaloniki
              (with F. Diamantidou)
              Printing artists; Celica gallery, Ljubljana (with F.
              Unchangeable; Equrna gallery, Ljubljana (with Boštjan
              Novak and Tadej Tozon)
2007     Towards the sun; Equrna, Ljubljana

Group exhibition:

1992      How far does a painting reach?; R. Jakopič gallery, Ljubljana
1993      May saloon; ZDSLU exhibition, R. Jakopič gallery, Ljubljana
               Youth Biennial; Rijeka, Croatia
1994      Intart; Udine, Italy
               U3 – 1. Triennial of contemporary Slovenian art; Modern
               gallery, Ljubljana
               Mediterranean Youth Biennial; Lisbon, Portugal
1995      Forma eterna; Bologna, Italy; Spittal, Austria; Celje
1996      2. Biennial Artes; Artes gallery, Nova Gorica
1997      Art bazaar; City of Neapolis gallery, Thessaloniki, 
1999      Thessaloniki printing artists, Exostis gallery, Thessaloniki, 
               May saloon; ZDSLU exhibition, R. Jakopič gallery,
               Homo Sapiens 3000; KiBela (MMC Kibla), Maribor
2001      From birth to birth; Maribor Art Gallery
2003      My little world; Celje Fine Arts Saloon, Contemporary Art
               Gallery, Celje
2004      Thessaloniki artists; City gallery, Thassos, Grčija

"My main painting inspiration of the past few years has been dry Greek soil. I  is overgrown chaotically with pine trees, olive trees and bushes, occasionall  with litter, and almost constantly lit by the golden sun. I paint on rough and raw jute canvass resembling the soil with its colour and texture. I paint with thin layers of paint, not covering the canvass in total, which is thus partly visible through the painting, giving it a soiled, aged appearance. My motifs are mainly landscapes, sometimes also interior family scenes or still-lifes. They are painted in realistic manner and presented in specific atmosphere, slightly melancholic. All the paintings feature light, which despite their dark appearance might be their main motif. Air is also present. The paintings are firm in composition, well balanced and dynamic, and I also seek to provide them with inner life, with body and spirit."
Jure Zadnikar

The exhibition will be on display until 15/11/2008.

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