Huiqin Wang & Maja Pučl: Emptiness / Living calligraphy and Huiqin Wang: Rainbow / Hong - visit to Koper

Saturday 21/06/2008 MMC Kibla and Gallery Loža from Koper - the multimedia performance Emptiness / Living calligraphy and Rainbow / Hong, set in v Gallery Loža in Koper within the project Museums on a Summer Night at the coast.

Huiqin Wang & Maja Pučl: Emptiness / Living calligraphy
The project includes dance, calligraphy and video screening (calligraphy Huiqin Wang, dance Maja Pučl, video Matej Lavrenčič, Saška Sagadin, Miha Vozel, Pila Rusjan, music Cameron Bobro)

The performance is set in the context of exploring the relations between the East and the West, between the traditional and the contemporary, between the corporal and the spiritual, between presence and absence, between emerging and disappearing, between the visible and the invisible, between the image and the move.

Huiqin Wang: Rainbow / Hong
The project includes video, music, images and installation (concept Huiqin Wang, artists Silvan Omerzu, Huiqin Wang, Pila Rusjan, Zhao Wang, Cameron Bobro, Alen Breznik - Flip, Dino Schreilechner, Borut Berič).

The performance wishes to bring history closer to people, to bridge language barriers and the time delay, all aimed at making the Slovenians and the Chinese aware of their early contacts and making them reinforce understanding and connections between the two nations.

The project was realised as a cooperation of Obalne galerije - Gallery Loža and KID Kibla.

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