Ceren Oykut / Lost passport, exhibition & Black on white / Kibla's New Year's party

Ceren Oykut / Lost passport, exhibition
Murat Ertel / sound installation
Črno na belem / Kibla's New Year's party

Kibela - the opening of the Lost passport exhibition by turkish artist Ceren Oykut on Friday 19th December 2008 at 8 pm. After the opening you were invited to Black on white New Year's party. Code: black on white.
Music by DJ David, visual back up by VJ Inocybe.
At midnight
we prepared a special surprise.

Ceren Oykut: Lost passport
"Ceren Oykut proudly presents her one-year Schengen visa on her lost passport.
The persistent feeling of trespassing would not fade away. Yet, the riotous will to discover new lands and to explore different lives is always at stake. The more it becomes unreachable, the more you insist: New rules. New obligations. Additional documents. Further verifications. More questions. More legality. More reliable proof. A constant state of claiming your decency: all in all, you simply want to go to another land, not commit a crime.  In the atlas of concealed lands, your voyage starts with daydreaming. Impossible lands with fictive characters and never-ending adventures shap  your dreams with overlapping stories waiting to be told. To be in command of these passionate dreams, all you need is a visa on your passport. Some brave and lucky dreamers have managed to obtain it before, that we know. An artist girl worked hard for this: it is said that her dreams have exceeded her maps and that she has been searching for ways to control these maps. Then, she was invited here to exhibit these maps.  Now, she also has to prove that she is in control of the situation. Even so, Ceren Oykut proudly presents her one-year Schengen visa on her lost passport."
Basak Senova

Ceren Oykut (1978, Istanbul) is an artist who draws about urban culture focused on daily realities, she also produces multidisciplinary projects, which blend sound and visual representation modes through drawings on urban cultures and past traditions like shadow theatre and calligraphy. Her drawings were presented in various magazines such as L-inc, Kontrol, Roll, and Fuct-D. She also works with a music band called “Baba Zula” and a collective called “Anabala” by creating and rendering projected digital images in real time on the stage. She contributed to many projects in Turkey  Belgium, Germany, Austria, Serbia and Montenegro, and Egypt. Oykut lives and works in Istanbul.

Solo Exhibitions
- “Musical Drawings” Karaburun Festival, Izmir
-“City Can- Kustepe Branch”  Under Construction Contemporary Art Center,
  Kustepe, Istanbul
 -“City Can” Under Construction Contemporary Art Center, Maltepe, Istanbul

-“Utopia” Karaburun Festival, Izmir

- “Drawing Exhibition”, Kultur Köln 30, Köln

Selected Group Exhibitions
- “ Memory City “ Portable Art Project by 2010 Visual Arts Projects, Istanbul, curated by Derya Yucel
- “ Index. Zeichen des Alltags ”, Kunstraum Palais Porcia, Wien, curated by Deniz Ova and Daniela Gregori
- “ Coincidences, Intuitions, Fictions on Istanbul ” Exhibition series at the 2010 office, Istanbul, curated by Deniz Erbaş
- “Save As..” Contemporary Art From Turkey, Triennale Bovisa, Milano
    Curated by Derya Yücel

- “Allah Korkusu” , Hafriyat Karaköy, Istanbul
- “light, Illuminatıon and Electricity” curated by Basak Senova, Energy Museum, Santral Istanbul
- “Slow Space Fast Pace” an exhibition in public space, curated by Rana Ozturk, Patrick street no 23 Shandon, Cork, Ireland
- “2+1” a project by Apartment Project, Selda Asal, Neriman Polat, Ceren Oykut, 10th International Istanbul Biennal, Santral Istanbul
- “Hafriyat Karaköy” Hafriyat Group Exhibition, Karaköy, Istanbul
 -"From Owner with Wiew", group exhibition curated by Derya Yücel
 Ortakoy, Istanbul
-"Nothing is going to be allright" Apartment Project,Istanbul
-"Ardindan Degil Karsisina", curated by Övül Durmusoglu, Radikal Newspaper, street exhibition, Istanbul

- "Everything's Gonna be Allright" Apartment Project,Istanbul
- “Rejection Episodes",  curated by Basak Senova, Arts Centre Vooruit, De Centraale, Ghent
- “Yerel Cennet” (Local Heaven) Hafriyat Group Exhibition, Diyarbakir
- "Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair" Lutfi Kirdar Fair Center, Istanbul
- “Topkapi” Spedition, Bremen
- "All About Lies", Apartment Project, Istanbul
- “Postcards from Stokholm/Istanbul” colaboration with  Selda Asal,     Botkyrka Konsthall, Stokholm
- “Istanbul Defterdarlari” Karsi Sanat Çalismalari,Istanbul

- "Project:Production Fault", Hafriyat Group Exhibition,Antrepo5, Istanbul
-“Young Art Europe”  Museum of Young Art, Wien
-“Öcü” Neurotitan, Berlin
-"The Thieving City" Akbank Culture and Art Center,Istanbul curated by Levent Çalıkoğlu
-"Tele-City" Siemens Art Center,Istanbul organisation by Nomad

-"The Visitor" Galerist, Istanbul curated by Emre Baykal, Rob Perree
-"23rd International Contemporary Artists Exhibition", Istanbul and Diyarbakir
curated by Başak Şenova, Anton Lederer, Eyal Danon

- "Belvu Apartment" group exhibition, Galatasaray, Istanbul

- “Dükkan Dövmeciyan” group exhibition, Anabala Han, Beyoglu, Istanbul

- “Light, İllumination and Electricity” residency project, Santral Istanbul, Istanbul
- “Topkapı”, Spedition, Bremen
- “Open Sound Studio” with Anabala, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
-  K-34 Köln/Istanbul Partnership Project, Turkis-German artists colaboration,     hosted by Stad Köln, Köln
-  K-34 Köln/Istanbul Partnership Project, Turkis-German artists colaboration,     hosted by Stad Köln, Köln
- K-34 Köln/Istanbul Partnership Project, Turkis-German artists colaboration,     hosted by Stad Köln, Köln
- K-34 Köln/Istanbul Partnership Project, Turkis-German artists colaboration,     hosted by Stad Köln, Köln

Printed Projects
- “Nisan”, Istanbul
-  Roll Music Magazine, Istanbul
- “Vs, Dergi..” Art Magazine, Istanbul
- “Istanbul Defterdarları” ,Hafriyat Art Group Publishing House
- Post Express, Istanbul
- Bant Magazine, Istanbul
- “Hafriyat Ameleleri”,Birgün Newspaper, with Hafriyat Art Group, Istanbul
- “Hafriyat Ameleleri” Hafriyat Publishing House, compilation of the works published on Birgün newspaper, Istanbul
- L-inc Magazine for contepporary drawing, Wien
- KONTROL, perspectives on control in the course of contemporary art, culture, thecnology, information channels, and politics, online magazine, editorial by Basak Senova and Yane Calovski
- Fuct-D Magazine for contemporary drawing, editorial by Bjorn Hegardt and Yane Calovski, Berlin

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The exhibition will be on display until  10. 1. 2009.



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