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Wang Huiqin: Living caligraphy/ Melting

On Friday, the 23rd of February 2007 at 7pm you were cordially invited to  KiBela gallery to attend  the opening of the exhibition and intermedia  performance entitled Living caligraphy/ Melting.

The exhibition was opened until the 12th of March 2007.

(»Art is a bridge that connects people.«)

Exhibition “Living caligraphy/Melting”  is based on constant change which is the basic element of life. That's the reason why a dance /fine arts performance that unites traditonal art forms with contemporary ones (dance, painting with light bodies, multimedia) is a part of it.

In the time of globalisation and high level of consumerism competition is getting keener and the abyss between the rich and the poor larger. With our performance we will try to express the longing of human beings for peace and love and show that hatred and misunderstandings can be melted away. Through caligraphy and the movements of buto dancer we will get acquainted with some concepts of traditional Chinese philosophy such as five elements:
(water), (earth), (fire), (metal),  (wood)


East + West = World
Traditional + Modern = Wisdom
Man + Nature= Culture

World + Wisdom + Culture = Harmony

Concept and caligraphy: Wang Huiqin

Daisuke Sakaki - butoh dancer
Silvan Omerzu - director
Dino Schreilechner, Pila Rusjan – video
Matej Kolmanko, Sara Imanoel, Pila Rusjan – video graphics
Alfred Vešligaj, Sara Imanoel – photography
Jana Fak, Borut Berič – static graphics

With this event we celebrated the beginning of the Chinese New year.

Wang Huiqin
Wang Huiqin was born in 1955 in Nantong, China. She graduated at the department of fine arts, Nanjing Faculty for Education. She specialized in graphic arts and painting at the Ljubljana Fine Arts Faculty. Her mentors were Zvest Apolloni and Emerik Bernard. In 1991 she went for a study-visit to the Netherlands.
She had more than 30 solo exhibitions and collaborated on many group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. She won many prizes for her work  She lives and work in Ljubljana.
Daisuke Sakaki
Daisuke Sakaki, born 1979 in Japan, has been dancing butoh since the age of 15. In the 10 years of his dance career he performed in Japan and Europe not only with Torifune Butohsha (Kayo Mikami, Yukio Mikami and Daisuke Sakaki), but also with other great names of Japanese butoh scene; Yoshito Ōno, Kōichi Tamano (one of the first students of Tatsumi Hijikata), Taketeru Kudō (orig. Sankaijuku), Jun Wakabayashi (Dairakudakan) and others. Since the performance “Watashi ga umareta hi” in 2002 he has been acknowledged as an independent butoh dancer.

Thank you:
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
PRONEON d.o.o.
Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts

Photo gallery (photo: Alfred Vešligaj)



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