Luka Dekleva and Cameron Bobro: PRAŠUM

Intermedia audio-visual installation
On Friday, the 16th of March 2007 at 8pm you were kindly invited to KiBela a space for art in MMC Kibla to attend the opening of an audio-visual installation Prašum by the authors Luka Dekleva and Cameron Bobro. The installation was open for public until the 27th of March 2007.

Music and visuals of this project are based on a note that was discovered 31 octaves bellow the highest vibrating frequency of the cosmic microwave radiation as measured by Penzias and Wilson (in 1978 they were awarded the Nobel prize for this discovery) and on note 26 octaves bellow the frequency of the first MASER that humans have used to discover cosmic microwave radiation.

 By coincidence this frequencies exactly match classical major second and minor fifth above G# /Ab note of the European A-440 standard. The second frequency in this case matches the basic note used by Gyuto monks from Tibet for the last 500 years.

First step leads us beyond the field of darkness embodied by the raw noise of the analogue oscillator (not to far away from the theoretically “clean” white noise).  Visualisation is made without visual input, at first there is total darkness. No-signal video feedback situation. With the use of television device characteristics and camera combinations unique sound connections will be created.

"Everything in the Universe is made of one element, which is a note, a single note. Atoms are really vibrations, you know, which are extensions of the BIG NOTE, everything's one note. Everything. The note is the ultimate power..."
Frank Zappa

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