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Boštjan Plesničar: Beasts – painting exhibition

On Friday the 19th of Januray 2007 you were cordially invited to KiBela gallery (MMC Kibla, Ul. Kneza Koclja 9, Maribor) to attend the opening of the painting exhibition entitled Beasts by Boštjan Plesničar and to celebrate KiBela’s 8th birthday.

Beasts are wild animals that adore good food and drink. During the day they like to sleep, at night they like to roam around. They hate routine, order and logic. Their most important value is freedom. They are very sensual and lively, but often sullen and aggressive. That’s why hanging around with them is interesting, but it can be dangerous.

DJ Juroš took care for the right rhythms.
The exhibition was opened until the 6th of February 2007.

”Plesničar’s painting universe is not a critique of the world as it is, it’s an alternative. Passionate, primal, beautiful in its imperfection. The visitor can find a shelter in it, but must not expect an idealized paradise, free of all the inner contradictions. Namely, paintings are marked with not only humour and tenderness, but also with irony and melancholy. And this is their charm.”
Maša Ogrizek

About the author:
Boštjan Plesničar was born in 1968 in Ljubljana. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1996. His mentor was professor Emerik Bernard. In 2001 he finished his specialization with professor Lojze Logar. He organized a number of solo exhibitions, this one is the 14th in the row.

Workshop, 2.2.2007

Photo gallery; the opening



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