Exhibition of photographs by the Hungarian artist Ildi Hermann: Weekend

Kibela invited you to attend the exhibition opening on Wednesday 21st November 2007 at 8 pm : Ildi Hermann: Weekend.

Ildi Hermann (1978) is a representative of the young generation of Hungarian photographers. Her photographs are marked by seemingly spontaneous reality scenes, expressing the often neglected beauty of everyday life. Her exhibition in Kibela presents her most recent series of photographs titled  Weekend. As a whole it functions as a sociological study, posing numerous questions related to Hungarian history and disclosing the social metamorphosis that has happened in recent decades. A distinctive sense for detail, strong hue and thoughtful combining of photographs into a composition conjure a vivid insight into life stories of common people.

The exhibition was on display until 3/12/2007.

About Ildi Hermann (1978)
1998-2002: Eötvös Lóránd University, Teachers Training College, Hungarian Grammar and Literature – Culture Organiser
1997-1998: England, South Trafford College, English Language Course
Photo schools:
2004: Poprad Summer Photoschool (Slovakia)
2002: Poprad Summer Photoschool (Slovakia)
2000-2002: Contact Photography Courses
Scholarships, memberships:

2006: József Pécsi Scholarship
2004: Scholarship of the National Cultural Fund to the Poprad Summer Photoschool (Slovakia)
From 2004: Member of the Academy of Young Photographers
2003: Tender of the Straw Foundation – special award
2002: Scholarship of the National Cultural Fund to the Poprad Summer Photoschool (Slovakia)
2006: freelance photographer
2005: Prime Minister's Office, photographer, archiving
2004: Árpád Bogdán: Happy new fear, feature film, still photographer
2004: 61. Venice Filmfestival, Hungarian delegation, photographer
2004: Árpád Schilling: Overborder, short film, still photographer
2002-2004: 168 Hours (weekly newspaper) – pressphotographer
2002: Alberto Negrin: Perlasca – Story of a true man, feature film, still photographer
Solo exhibitions:
2006: Space, part of the Comeround exhibitions, Retorta Gallery
2003: "Overborder" (short film, Dir.: Árpád Schilling) still photos, Odeon-Llyod Cinema
2002:"Reality show" (Isolated gypsy villages around Poprad, Slovakia), Cirko-Gejzír Cinema
2002: "Perlasca – Story of a true man" (feature film, Dir. Alberto Negrin), still photos, Uránia National Cinema
2002: "I dream about reality" (Travelling fun-fair in the countryside, Hungary), Puskin Gallery
Group Exhibitions:
2006: Photomatrix – Collegium Hungaricum – Wien
2005: Green wind – A selection of Video and Photo Works by Young Artists, Budapest Autumn Festival
2005: NE(a)T – women about women, Kogart House
2005: Pictures, gypsies, gypsy-pictures, Millenáris
2004: E-verywhere, open-air exhibition, Millenáris
2004: Liptovsky Mikulas, exhibition of the Poprad Summer Photoschool (Slovakia)
2003: Centrális Gallery
2002: Poprad Summer Photoschool, joint exhibition
Publishing, album:
2003: Spectacle boulevard – Budapest in the Millenium (with the text of Ottó Bence)



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