Eduardo Kac, predstavitev knjige - video (QuickTime)

Eduardo Kac: HODIBIS POTAX, exhibition (till 14.5.), and MONOTEKKTONI, electro live act

After seven years Eduardo Kac, internationally known as a pioneer of Bio Art and the creator of "GFP Bunny" (Alba, the fluorescent rabbit), returned to Maribor.

On Friday, the 4th of May 2007 at 8pm we proudly invited you to the opening of his exhibition Hodibis Potax, at MMC KIBLA, space for art KiBela, Ulica kneza Koclja 9, Maribor.
Exhibition was opened untill 14th of May.

On the day of the opening, at 10pm:
MONOTEKKTONI - electro live act
female vocal-instrumental performance by  Tonia Reeh from Berlin, Germany. (

In the course of approximately twenty five years Eduardo Kac has also developed an extensive body of work with language. This exhibition, entitled "Hodibis Potax", highlights Kac's digital, holographic, and networked verbal works.

From the beginning of his career in the early 1980s, language has been a central feature of Eduardo Kac's art. Unlike artists who create conceptual works, however, Kac's engagement with language comes from and operates in a realm generally known as experimental poetry. In other words, Kac's language works are not tributary to the linguistic turn in art practices of the 1960s that understand language through the speech act. Instead, Kac's verbal pieces are themselves literary works for the twenty-first century: holographic, digital, and biological poems.

For the first time in Europe, this exhibition will present Kac's "Perhaps", a participatory online poem with 24 avatars, in which meaning constantly changes as the public takes the role of 24 individual words in a virtual world.

About the author:
Eduardo Kac created holopoetry (holographic poetry) in 1983. He states that, due to the immateriality of holographic space, the poet can create paradoxical spaces. Kac explores the interactivity of the gaze and the appearance/disappearance of the text relative to the viewer's movement. Kac has developed new concepts such as "textual instability" and "fluid sign", which is neither a word nor an image but an entity in permanent transformation. This is possible because Kac writes his holopoems in an unstable space that changes according to the viewer's point of view. Kac has also created digital holopoems through which he has further expanded the richness of his poetic language. Kac seeks to create "a syntax of disruptive events; an animated language that evades and deflects interpretation."

Parallel to his holopoetry, since 1984 Kac has also created a body of work in digital poetry. In 1985 he started to create and publish dynamic poems online (through the Minitel system). All digital poems by Kac can be downloaded from his site:

In 2002 Kac wrote "Biopoetry", through which he proposed "the use of biotechnology and living organisms in poetry as a new realm of verbal, paraverbal and nonverbal creation." As states Hugues Mar- chal (in La poésie, Flammarion (Paris), 2007) Kac's manifesto "Biopoetry" presents a list of twenty feasible proposals. Kac's biopoetry projects are in direct dialogue with contemporary developments in other fields, including biotechnology and cognitive ethology. Biopoetry reveals how our understanding of both "life" and "text" have changed in the twenty-first century, while creating a new field for the production and experience of poetry beyond traditional disciplinary barriers.

Books by Eduardo Kac, published by KIBLA's publishing house TOX:
Eduardo Kac: Telepresence, biotelematics, Transgenic Art
Eduardo Kac: Teleporting an Unkonwn State





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