Digital commune - KIBLA in Cankarjev dom

25th, 26th and 27th of April 2007 at 8pm
Premiere of intermedia performance  

Duša Počkaj hall, Cankarjev dom and Boris Kidrič square in Ljubljana

Author of the concept: Aleksandra Kostič
Videostructure: Luka Dekleva
Video design: Ana Pečar, Dino Schreilechner
Sound and voice processing: Cameron Bobro, Marko Gutman
Choreography: Mojca Kasjak
Design of light environment: David Orešič
Technicians: Uroš Čučkovič, Jure Vekjet
Production: Kibla, Multimedia centre Maribor
Co-production: Cankarjev dom

Interactive responsive technology

Intermedia event Digital Commune 1 is a product of exceptionally successful upgrading of intermedia knowledge informal and informational workshop that took place in Multimedia Centre Kibla in Maribor.
Digital commune develops interaction of improvised and completely useful movement that sets of fields of tentacles in different ways and then returns in the visual field in the area of the event. Various media connect in equivalent reciprocal relationship where beat and rhythm dictate group feeling at the mutual listening. Project was developed in an intensive live process till the end result: in real time interactive digital visuals of the movement are mixed and designed with the participation of analogue and interactive digital sound.

Digital commune is digital audio–visual live laboratory.

Author of the concept is Aleksandra Kostič who together with Peter Tomaž Dobrila manages intermedia and visual program of Kibla.

KIBLA participates at numerous intermedia co-productions –intermedia installations and performances such as: tx0om, 2004 (co­-prudcersi: FOAM, Bruselj, Time's Up, Linz, Interactive Institute, Stockholm in Future Physical, London), TRG, 2005 (cp-producers FOAM, Bruselj in Time's Up, Linz) and e-Agora, 2005 (co-producers: Libat, Nancy in ciant, Praga).  DVD Digital commune in Maribor will be published at the premiere which includes three additional international projects from 2006: BBM Group: Armpod Troia, Anne Roquigny/Aksioma/Intima: WEB-Jing, Marko Košnik/SumiMasayuki/Barbara Thun: Operabil Kobe.

Besides contemporary experiment in the digital field Kibla presented itself with projections on Boris Kidrič Square. Among other things Kibla present ed Maribor candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2012 (you can find out more on: and .

Trailer Digital commune



 Digital commune in CD - video (QuickTime)

Premiere, 25.4.2007

Presentation of Maribor candidacy for ECoC 2012




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