Room & Road - dance performance

 On Friday, the 3rd of February 2006, you KiBela gallery organised dance perforrmance Room & Road.
Idea and choreography: Mateja Bučar
Space design:  Vadim Fiškin
Dancers:  Rebecca Murgi and Jonathan Pranlas.

In ROOM & ROAD performance two different moving spaces exist, the first one is a closed-inner space (Room) all the time in dialogue with the outer space (Road) through its own motion. At the same time they are both »moving spaces« in dialogue with two or three dancers who »travel«, move and dance with them and betwen them.

But it can also be:
-a story about a girl and a vagabond or about the unattainable point which has a thrilling attraction, about a traveller who only stops when his thoughts are already in another place;
- two places that complement each other in their difference, the first one is closed, the second one opened. Two poles who woo each other, inspire each other, contradict each other. Like two characters that can not be separated because they dwell in every one of us;
-an open story that doesn't deny the craving for motion, distance, change. A story that speaks about itself, about the elementary, about the movement. 

Idea and choreography: Mateja Bučar
Vadim Fiškin

Dancers and co-creation:  Rebecca Murgi and Jonathan Pranlas. Music: Random Logic Software: Miha Petelin Scene: Potemkinove vasi s.p. Production: DUM – društvo umetnikov

About the authors:

Mateja Bučar
After classical ballet education she continued her education on the International 
Rosell Hightower Dance Centre in Cannes and on various dance seminars and projects by contemporary European and American choreographers (Arthur Rosenfeld, Donna Uchisono, John Jaspers, Fatou Traore...). She was a member of the SNG Ljubljana Ballet and Ljubljana Dance Theatre. Since the year 1991 she is a choreographer and dancer participating in many projects.

Vadim Fiškin:
Visual artist
In his rich career he participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions all around the world (Venice Bienale, Manifesta, Zbirka 2000+, Istanbul bienale...). As a scenographer he participated in performances by Dragan Živadinov, Iztok Kovač, Mateja Bučar, Bojan Jablanovec and others.

Rebecca Murgi
Italian dancer and choreographer known to us from the dance performances by Izok Kovač. She graduated from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem- E.D.D.C. (European Dance Development Centre). Since the year 2000 she is a visiting professor on the SAED Academy in Salzburg.

Jonathan Pranlas
Young French dancer and choreographr. In the year 2002 he finished the state dance school in Annecy and graduated from art history. In the year 2004 he specialized in theatre production on the Univeristy in Aix – en – Provence. In the year 2003 he collaborated with Ballet Preljocaj in national theatre in Marseille with performances Helicopter, Tribute to springs, Romeo and Juliet and Near Life Experience. In the last year he collaborated with Natya Dance Company and Pouce's Circus and was the director and the choreographer of the Tentativ performance.

Random Logic

The team is composed of  Miha Klemenčič and Gregor Zemljič.They are one of the most recognizable representatives of the Slovenian contemporary electronic music. They create music for contemporary dance, theatre and other artistic performances (signal sever!, M. Farič-Krog, Otok, G. Bogdanovski-Emofad...).



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