KIBLA10YEARS - exhibition

On Thursday, the18th of May 2006 at 8pm, we have opened the exhibition of Kibla's graphic design in the last ten years.

selection: Urška Breznik and Maja Vuksanović
graphic designers: Dejan Štampar, Alen Breznik, Uroš Lehner, Urška Golob, Samo Lapajne, Katja Hrastar… 

We ransacked old boxes, went through dusty closets and chose the best, the funniest and the most perfect invitations that tempted and attracted you into Kibla in this decade.

The beginnings of graphic design in Kibla are marked with colour minimum of posters and invitations that present the event in a direct way. Stylistic forms are often exceeded with periodical content gags. The roguery of the designers culminates between the years 1998 and 2000 and becomes more obvious not only in content, but also in form and is in accordance with Kibla's character at that point in time. They interfere with Slovenian everyday life with a hint of irony and are especially witty when it comes to traditional holidays. Sometimes they put themselves in the role of the protagonists of their own mischievous ideas.

New millenia brings new events and Kibla's activities in the field of gallery, bookstore, publishing and multimedia grow constantly and demand professionalism and engagement. Kibla's designers become trendsetters and flirt with avant-garde. Hard work pays off with numerous awards and recognition. Fresh wind brings along a certain extent of sophistication and precision of artistic expression. Realistic approach give way to abstraction, colours become leadingmeans of expression.

Creativity is a command, limitations don't exist!

The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by the presentation of the book Gospodična, vi ste lepi kot plakat!  by the author Meta Kordiš, that deals with the development of the Slovenian poster in Ljubljana during the world wars. The book is an important contribution to the contemporary Slovenian ethnology.

The presentation was part of the Za:misel's »Tema v temi« lecture and took place at 8.30 pm in Kibar.




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