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Jurij Kelhar: Lava - painting exhibition

On Friday, the 22nd of December 2006 at 8pm you were kindly invited to KiBela gallery to attend the opening of the painting exhibition Lava by  Maribor artist Jurij Kelhar.

Peter Mlakar opened the exhibition.

The exhibition was opened until the 10th of January 2007.

At the same time you were invited to join us at the party that followed the opening. SUPREME.FM dj's took care of the wild rhythms, the most decadent drink in the world for inducing the flames that was put out with the vulcanic water.

It was steamingly hot!

About the author:
Jurij Kelhar was born on 20th of April 1972 in Maribor. Throughout his life he was creative on various artistic fields. Later he joined NSK artistic collective and collaborated with Laibach group on various projects. In 2003 he participated on a group exhibition in Maribor, in 2004 he prepared his first solo exhibition.
In KiBela gallery he will present himself with oil on canvas paintings with volcanos and lava as main motives. Since childhood Jurij was fascinated with volcanos that represent the power of nature, destruction, sexuality... People of Hawaii believe that Kilauea is a home of godess Pele who is a divine symbol of youth and beauty. She can manifest herself as a young loving woman, or become a temptation when she turns into an ugly, dirty creature. Her anger induces eruptions.

The author gets his ideas mainly from the Etna photographies by the author Tom Pfeiffer and Hawaian Kilauea volcano.

„We don’t have a love-hate relationship with Etna, as one might think. We have a love relationship.“ – Salvatore Moschetto, Mayor of Nicolosi (National Geographic, Februar 2002)

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