Digital commune III: WJ-s, web performances in real space and workshop

26th-27th of September, Tuesday  9pm and Wednesday from 11am – 2pm Kibela  

Satellite night fever Davide Grassi, Aksioma,
Travelling around the world doesn't begin and doesn't stop at home. A planet which is a window to the world is in between. In 365 megabytes with software around the world.

RoboMarseillaise Igor Štromajer, Virtualna baza Intima,  
Historical fact are constructed fiction and fictional construction of the winners. History is written by the winners, facts by artists.

# 2 performances:
Maribor: KiBela Gallery, Tuesday, 26th of September 2006 at 9pm 
Ljubljana: Kiberpipa, Friday, 29th of September 2006 at 9pm  Admissio free.

#2 open workshops:
Maribor: KiBela Gallery, Wednesday, 27th of September 2006 from 11am till 2pm
Ljubljana: Kiberpipa, Saturday, 30t of September 2006 from 11am till 2pm

Participants of the both free afternoon workshops were acquinted with the artistic use of programme equipment for web performances (WJ-s) under the supervision of Anne Roquigny in collaboration with Stéphane Kyles.

Concept: Anne Roquigny, new media curator, France

Stéphane Kyles, computer programmer and artist, France

Web performers in real space: Davide Grassi (Satellite night fever) and Igor Štromajer (RoboMarseillaise), Slovenia    

Co-produciton of Intima Virtual Base, Kibla Multimedia Center from Maribor ( and Aksioma Institute from Ljubljana. Multimedia Center Kiberpipa from Ljubljana (www.kiberpipa,org) collaborates on the project. The project is supported by Ministry for Culture RS, Municipality of Ljubljana nad Charles Nodier Frrench Institute from Ljubljana.

Additional information:

Photographies: 2 performances, 26.9.2006

Photographies: workshop, 27.9.2006



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