Miha Ciglar: THIS IS POP

Interactive dance experiment This is POP by the author Miha Ciglar took place on Friday, the 10th of June 2005, at 9pm in MMC Kibla.

Music: Miha Ciglar
Dancers/choreographers: Urška Vohar, Jasmina Križaj and Tina Valentan.

«This is pop« project
There is no recognizable harmony in the music itself.  Aspiration to the reduction of  harmonic satiation and variety in pop music is summarized with noise which calls attention to the desolate future of the perfect role of the pop star who is less and less connected with music. In the choreography the movements are incorrectly synchronized and are based on the stereotype of pop star choreography with certain grotesque accentuations. Interactive technical media between the musician and dancers are PD (pure data), midi intermediary and optical sensors. The music is made in real time and not set in advance. Musical foundament is a programme code in PD (open code computer programme for music synthesis in real time). An intermediary which translates the informations obtained through optical sensors has been constructed so the dancers can influence music.The sensors are set around the dancers in a way their data can be used to conduct and execute the composition.

Miha Ciglar, born in Maribor, is a composer and sound artist studying on the University for music and drama art in Graz, Austria. Since the year 2001 he has performed with his own compositions for saxophone, guitar, vibraphone, double bass, electro-acoustic performances, interactive dance performances, computer music and audio-visual applications on many festivals around the world.

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