Marko A. Kovačič: FLASH BACK

In 2005 we have moved Pan-Slovenian culture day on Friday, the 2nd of December when you helped us open Marko Kovačič video retrospective.

His project Flash Back is a fragmentary retrovision of performance and theatre videos. The main event of the evening was a projection of the silent musical Zlati Res accompanied by vocal educational group Zlati Kastrioti. In Maribor installation the author evaluated old video tapes in a new way and didn't just stay on the level of recording an event but tried to build a new art work with ready made aesthetics. All the time he was accompanied with the aspiration  for the historical, maybe even for the eternal. »which is a complete absurdity because the things I had done undermine this exact attitude.« (M. Kovačič)  

"Enough of this nonsense! We are where we are and if we are going down, than we are going down with our flags flaring!"
Marko Kovačič retrospective was opened until the 13th of December 2005 in the KiBela gallery.

About the author:
Marko A. Kovačič was born in 1956 in Ljubljana. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Between they years 1981- 1991 he was a member of Ana Monro theatre, between the years 1983- 1985 of the IRWIN group.


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